26JPN AIO Polish

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26JPN AIO Polish is an all-in-one product, to deeply clean paintwork as well as adding a protective layer of T1 Carnauba wax for that final finish.

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I've used AIO Polish and it's fantastic! It effortlessly cleans, polishes, and protects, leaving a brilliant finish.

Review by Jack, rated

Tried this on my dads car and the paint came out very fresh without much effort

Review by Jace, rated

26JPN AIO Polish

26JPN AIO Polish is an all-in-one product, to deeply clean paintwork as well as adding a protective layer of T1 Carnauba wax for that final finish.

  • Contains T1 Brazilian Carnauba wax.
  • Hand or machine application.
  • Restores paint and removes oxidation.
  • Contains diminishing abrasives.

Whether applied by hand or machine, 26JPN AIO Polish contains fast acting diminishing abrasives that can remove stubborn oxidation and contamination returning paint to a high gloss. 26JPN AIO Polish is non-caustic, non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free.


Firstly, ensure that the surface to be polished has just been washed, is clean and free from surface contaminants. 26JPN AIO Polish must be fully shaken before use to ensure that oils and abrasives are mixed.

If hand polishing, apply a small amount of 26JPN AIO Polish to a polishing applicator pad, and work back and forth into the paintwork to achieve a thin even film. Work on one panel at a time (out of direct sunlight).

If using a DA polisher, then we recommend a primed finishing or a light polishing pad (depending on whether gloss or polishing performance is needed).

Use slow overlapping passes to work 26JPN AIO Polish in with light pressure and a medium speed until it starts to turn clear. At this point, lower the DA polishers speed for a final pass and allow the surface to haze.

Once 26JPN AIO Polish has cured remove any excess product with a microfibre cloth.

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image_desc 26JPN is a bold auto care brand, which is the result of a decade of knowledge and understanding of the needs of car care enthusiasts and professionals. 26JPN reflects the vibrant soul and values of urban Japan combined with British chemical ingenuity.

Their aim for their products is to give better results than the competitors on several factors. 26JPN only release a new product once they believe this has been achieved.

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