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26JPN APC is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser for use on interior and exterior surfaces. The concentrated nature of 26JPN APC allows it to be diluted for its intended purpose.

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APC is a versatile cleanser that effectively tackles grime and grease with outstanding results

Review by Charles, rated

I mix it into snow foam for extra bite its a good all rounder to have around.

Review by Hiren, rated


26JPN APC is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser for use on interior and exterior surfaces. The concentrated nature of 26JPN APC allows it to be diluted for its intended purpose.

  • Dilutable as needed.
  • Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Concentrated, surfactant formulation.

26JPN APC is formulated with mild surfactants to aid in shifting road grime or engine grease with ease (diluted at 1:1) or be used for lighter cleaning tasks (diluted 10:1). 26JPN APC is suitable for cleaning various surfaces including painted, vinyl and plastics. Our APC is recommended in maintenance cleaning of door jambs, wheel arches and tyres.

It can remove flies, traffic film, oils stains, nicotine stains and is a superb upholstery and carpet cleaner when diluted at 15:1. 26JPN APC is non-caustic, non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free.


26JPN APC is highly concentrated. The guide dilution ratios can be adjusted to suit your needs. If cleaning upholstery or carpets, it is recommended that you test for colour fastness before continuing.

  • Heavy soiling: Use neat or 1:1
  • Medium soiling: Use 5:1
  • Light soiling: Use 10:1
  • Upholstery & carpets: Use 15:1

Dilute 26JPN APC to your required dilution

Spray directly onto the surface and leave to dwell for 3-5 minutes, dependent on the surface.

Agitate the surface if required with a Detailing Brush - Rinse of residue. Repeat if required.

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about 26JPN

image_desc 26JPN is a bold auto care brand, which is the result of a decade of knowledge and understanding of the needs of car care enthusiasts and professionals. 26JPN reflects the vibrant soul and values of urban Japan combined with British chemical ingenuity.

Their aim for their products is to give better results than the competitors on several factors. 26JPN only release a new product once they believe this has been achieved.

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