26JPN Snow Foam Lance

Snow Foams and Snow Foam Lances

The 26JPN Snow Foam Lance is a durable chrome plated, heavy duty, snow foam lance. The kit includes a tube filter, quick release adapter and pressure washer adapter of your choice.


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Excellent snow foam lance, easily adjustable. Wide necked bottle allows easy pouring and wide base stops it falling over. Recommended.

Review by SteveLBMK, rated

Decent snow foam lance, very well put together. Great that it has a wide base (so that it does not fall over) and a wide neck to make for easy pouring in of snowfoam (this makes a real difference). Produces a thick foam that is easily adjustable with the top dial. Highly recommended.

Review by SteveLBMK, rated

Easy to put together delivers very good foam.

Review by TG49X, rated

Very good foam lance, thick foam made. Fast delivery.

Review by Jeong, rated

I was able to purchase this directly from DC prior to launch and it meets every expectation that I had of the lance. Easy to use produces great foam and the included tube filter is a good addition.

Review by Ritu-K, rated

26JPN Snow Foam Lance

The 26JPN Snow Foam Lance is a durable chrome plated, heavy duty, snow foam lance. In addition to the snow foam lance and wide base bottle, the kit includes:

  • a quick release connector for easy handling
  • a feed tube filter to prevent debris from entering the lance
  • a power washer adapter of your choice
  • and PTFE tape to ensure tight seals.

The lance has been designed with practicality and durability in mind and to be better than your standard lance you are used too. To this end, exposed areas of metal have been chrome plated to guard against corrosion. A tube filter is provided to lessen the chance of debris becoming stuck within the snow form lances body. Finally, a wide base and a wide opening to the 1L bottle improves handling and usage of your snow foam lance.

The 26JPN Snow Foam Lance, as standard, comes with a stubby gun Quick Release Adapter (G¼”) along with a pressure wash adapter of your choice. The provided PTFE tape, to be used on threads, ensures good seals to any connections.

  • 1L filling capacity for bottle
  • Measurement guide to bottle
  • Quick Release G1/4” adapter provided
  • Uplift tube filter provided

The snow foam lance has two control surfaces. The first being the top dial which controls the aeration or eventual viscosity of the foam coming out of the lance. This dial controls the air to water mix. The second control surface is the collar at the front of the lance nozzle from which the foam comes out off. This collar will allow you to control the fan width, allowing for thick or thinner foam.


  • Rated Pressure to 200 bar or 2900 psi
  • Min Desirable Pressure 130+ bar or 1885+ psi
  • Max Permissible Pressure of 220 bar or 3200 psi
  • Max Flow Rate of 20L/min or 5.3 USG/min
  • Max Working Temperature of 60 degree Celsius or 140 Fahrenheit



Please note if you are not getting thick foam then it might be because you pressure washers operating pressures is too low.

about 26JPN

image_desc 26JPN is a bold auto care brand, which is the result of a decade of knowledge and understanding of the needs of car care enthusiasts and professionals. 26JPN reflects the vibrant soul and values of urban Japan combined with British chemical ingenuity.

Their aim for their products is to give better results than the competitors on several factors. 26JPN only release a new product once they believe this has been achieved.

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