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The 26JPN wheel brush is designed to be scratchless, safe, and thorough from the off. A high density of bristles are used, with the actual brush being 10cm wide.

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having bought this brush for 10j wheels i can say this is a breeze to use. i use it in conjunction with britemax grimeout spray. the amount of muck it removes is unreal!! and the bristles are very soft and dont scratch even delicate paint!! reccomend this !!

Review by weemanno1, rated

I usually buy the Daytona brush but this came up and was a bit cheaper so thought I'd give it a go. Appears very similar and bristles are similar density and flexibility. I would recommend.

Review by Rich J, rated

My first dedicated wheel brush very happy with the buy

Review by Matty, rated

26JPN Wheel Brush

The 26JPN wheel brush is designed to be scratchless, safe, and thorough from the off. A high density of bristles are used, with the actual brush being 10cm wide.

  • Super soft PP bristles
  • Bonded tip to protect your rims
  • Flexible structure allows the brush to be bent
  • Knuckle guard for safe usage

The brush uses super soft PP bristles and a bonded brush tip to ensure that whether you have painted, chrome, powder coated, or polished wheels they remain safe. This allows you to know you can safely scrub deep inside while using the flexible structure of the brush to bend it around brake calipers, inside wheel rims and behind wheel spokes. Its great on engine bays too!

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image_desc 26JPN is a bold auto care brand, which is the result of a decade of knowledge and understanding of the needs of car care enthusiasts and professionals. 26JPN reflects the vibrant soul and values of urban Japan combined with British chemical ingenuity.

Their aim for their products is to give better results than the competitors on several factors. 26JPN only release a new product once they believe this has been achieved.

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