Caring for your microfibre cloths

Microfibre Towel Cleaning, Microfibre Cloth Care & Wash Mitt Care

Microfibre Towel and Cloth Care

It is important to care for your microfibre drying towels and any microfibre cloths as these directly make contact with your cars paintwork. A good wash technique counts for nothing if you use poorly cleaned microfibre towel to dry or quick detail your car with.

waffle weave towel

However, before ever even using a microfibre cloth, if it comes with any kind of branding label or tag, then it needs to be removed. This is because these tags tend to lightly scratch fine paints un-doing all your good work. Our Giant Blue Drying Towel and our Super Plush Buffing and Drying Towel for this reason come with silk edges and no tags or labels.

When your microfibre cloths stop absorbing wax or cleanser or are soiled then its time that fresh ones are used and the other ones are washed at your next opportunity. The golden rule when washing your microfibre cloths is do not use any fabric conditioner or bleach products as they both tend to damage cloths and microfibre towels.

The process of starting the microfibre wash and care process is to add some liquid detergent or a dedicated microfibre wash, such as Sonus Der Wunder Wasche, to your washing machine. Washing your microfibre cloths in warm water helps the liquid detergent work on the microfibre cloths allowing for imbedded wax, oils or dirt to be released from them.

Once washed, letting your microfibre’s air dry is ideal but only so if it's not a windy day or your back garden isn't overly dusty with airborne particles. Tumble drying on a medium setting is also safe to do.

During this process if your cloth or towel is ever dropped then please re-wash them to properly ensure the microfibre is clean and safe to use.

Lambswool Wash Mitt Care

sonus wash mitt

Car Wash Mitts such as Lambswool Wash Mitts should not be put into a washing machine. Instead, in most instances washing the face of the mitt with a hose and air drying it is ideal. The mitt face should then be inspected in case this process needs to be repeated. If the wash mitt is overly dirty then letting soak in warm water before water flushing it should work in most instances.

Washing your Lambswool Wash Mitt in this manner helps to protect it and lessen the damage of the mitt breaking up.


Once your microfibre’s and wash mitts are clean and dry they should be safely stored in a clean plastic storage bin so they are protected from surrounding areas.