DC Points

How do I get points?

As off 05/07/2019 DC Points are earned by making and submitting product reviews, which are approved for show on Detailed Clean. You earn 10 DC Points for each review made.

What discount do DC Points provide?

You can redeem your points when checking out. Each point earned equates to 4p (£0.04). For example, redeeming 10 loyalty points at checkout will offer a £0.40 (40p) discount to your order. This points discount can be used in conjunction with promotion discount codes. The discount is applied after the points are used.

How do I join?

Subscription is free and open to all registered customers on Detailed Clean. Checkout must be completed on DetailedClean.co.uk

How can I view how many points I have?

Simply log into your Account area and you DC Points will be displayed.

I have a discount code, can I use this and my loyalty points that I have?

Yes sure, the discount code will take affect on the cart after the points have been applied.

Can I read the legal small print?

Sure, the terms and conditions follow:

  • Subscription to DC Points (hereafter referred to as DC Points or Points) is open to all customers who purchase directly from Detailed Clean (DetailedClean.co.uk) and who meet the entry requirements as set out in the following clauses.
  • Subscription is not open to trade accounts including wholesalers, resellers and shops.
  • Professional Detailers & Valeters are eligible for DC Points provided products are bought for business use and not resale.
  • Subscribers to DC Points are under no obligation to purchase goods from Detailed Clean.
  • Your DC Points can only be used on Detailed Clean and no cash alternative is available.
  • It is Detailed Clean's intention to run DC Points for the foreseeable future. However, Detailed Clean reserves the right to suspend, postpone or cease operation of DC Points at any time. In the event of such suspension, postponement or cessation, no compensation or recompense whatsoever will be due to Subscribers to DC Points.
  • One (1) DC Point equates to a £0.04 (4p) discount when checking out. Detailed Clean reserves the right to make amendments to the way points are awarded or to the amount of discount each individual point equates too. In this event no compensation or recompense whatsoever will be due to Subscribers to DC Points.
  • DC Points is personal to you and cannot be transferred.
  • We can take any action we consider appropriate including suspension of individual subscriptions, if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the DC Points scheme or not adhering to the terms and conditions.
  • If the cash converted value of DC Points used on an order is more then the actual cost the order would have been without using DC Points (hence the cart total shows as a negative) it does not mean you are due money back from Detailed Clean or any other type of credit or refund.