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Auto Finesse Waxmate XL

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Auto Finesse Waxmate XL

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL (WM1) is the innovative and ergonomic wax applicator. The Auto Finesse Waxmate Applicator may look like any other applicator, but it’s not. With the Waxmate you no longer have to put up with applicators not suited to the pots most hard waxes are poured in.

An oversized applicator usually results in uneven loading and only using around 1/3 or 1/2 of the surface at best. Auto Finesse Waxmate XL has been specially engineered to fit the exact diameter of their wax jars, meaning a simple quarter twist covers the whole face and ensures you get a better, more even coverage when using their hard waxes.

The Waxmate XL design also lends its self to be much more comfortable to use from the raised grip platform and can be compressed down and stored in the top of the wax pot for next time.

  • Can be stored within the wax pot
  • Quarter twist allows for full wax coverage on the face
  • Comfortable to use

Auto Finesse Waxmate

1 x Auto Finesse wax mate XL applicator

85mm diameter 40mm high


Please refer to the manufacturers instructions before using the Auto Finesse Waxmate XL.


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Auto Finesse Waxmate XL - Average Rating

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL has an average 5 out of 5 based on 12 ratings ( 12 user reviews).

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Overall Auto Finesse Waxmate XL has an average  5 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.

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Applicator is pretty soft for wax application. Matches perfectly for Collinite 476 tub. Nice grip to apply wax without getting hands waxy.

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  Karthik Reddy C on  - rated 5 stars

easy to use gets just the write amount of wax on to the car which makes it easy to buff and get that beautiful wet waxed look i love to see.

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  Chris on  - rated 5 stars

Perfect fit into the AF wax pots, nice and soft, easy to use, i'd buy another for sure

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  Matt on  - rated 5 stars

A really good hard wax applicator, easy to hold so you don't drop it like the normal ones.

Easy to clean as well rating 9/10

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  Mark on  - rated 5 stars

Great little wax applicator from Auto Finesse, so much easier than using a microfibre or anything else that is your go to applicator, soft yet firm and enables easy even coverage of your favourite wax.

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  Brados on  - rated 5 stars

Perfect for applying wax

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  Alex s on  - rated 5 stars

Makes applying wax so much easier! Much better than applying with a micro fibre cloth etc.

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  James on  - rated 5 stars

Absolute best applicator for wax full stop!

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  Smithy225 on  - rated 5 stars

beautifully applies hard paste waxes .a must have in ur detailing requirement....

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  punit k on  - rated 5 stars

not for big hands,
nice item by auto finesse

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  albert on  - rated 5 stars

Soft foam recommend. Reecomendo Clean Detailing the store too.

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  Hoffmann on  - rated 5 stars

As described and delivery and price really good

Auto Finesse Waxmate XL reviewed by  neil on  - rated 5 stars