Auto Finesse Avalanche Foam Lance Kit

Snow Foams and Snow Foam Lances

The Auto Finesse Avalanche Foam Lance Kit comes with a 1L bottle of Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam and the popular Autobrite Heavy Duty foam lance and fitting of your choice. This kit makes for excellent value as it makes for a saving compared to buying the contents separately.

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Karcher £ 56.94 Inc VAT
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Karcher HDS £ 56.94 Inc VAT
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Nilfisk Kew Alto £ 56.94 Inc VAT
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Nilfisk Quick Release £ 56.94 Inc VAT
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Bosch £56.94 Inc VAT
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Bosch Aquatak (AQT) £ 56.94 Inc VAT
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Lavor £ 56.94 Inc VAT
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Black and Decker £ 56.94 Inc VAT
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Snow foam lance is great and works well with the avalanche. The snow foam is ok, but works a lot better if the car has been sealed/waxed beforehand

Review by James on 20/05/2016 rated

Auto Finesse Avalanche Foam Lance Kit

The Auto Finesse Avalanche Foam Lance Kit comes with a 1L bottle of Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam and the popular Autobrite Heavy Duty foam lance and fitting of your choice. This kit makes for excellent value as it makes for a saving compared to buying the contents separately.

The Auto Finesse Avalanche Foam Lance Kit contains:

  • 1 x Auto Finesse Avalanche 1L
  • 1 x Autobrite HD Foam Lance fitting of choice (see images below to select your fitting)

The process of pre-washing your car with a snow foam soaks of the majority of the harmful dirt and grit that causes swirls when washing your car. This snow foam lance in our opinion is the best at this job, producing a nice thick foam that clings for a long time helping to better soak of dirt and grime. The Autobrite HD Foam Lance really does help reduce the risk of creating swirl marks, marring and fine scratches during the hand washing process.

The Autobrite Snow Foam Lance has a dial on top of the lance that alters the foam mixture from a weaker foam to a high thickness foam which is perfect for creating that perfect consistency of foam required when using our lance.

Key features of the lance are:

  • Comes with a 1 Litre Plastic Container Bottle
  • Heavy duty foam lance design, ideal for enthusiast or professional use.
  • Maximum Pressure 180 Bar.
  • Max Temp 60 Degrees
  • Variable, adjustable spray nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.
  • Fully adjustable dilution with setting dial.
  • Connectors for Karcher, Kew/Alto/Nilfisk, Karcher Pro HDS, Bosch, and Kranzle

Auto Finesse Avalanche 1 litre is a Citrus Power infused foaming pre wash solution is the perfect product to assist you in those winter months to loosen and remove road grime prior to contact washing, doing most of the work for you. Auto Finesse Avalanche was developed for use in pressure washer foam lances to loosen and remove traffic film and built up road grime prior to contact washing. It is designed to effectively cling to car surfaces, even to those that are sealed or have wax applied.

The Karcher fitting, fits all Karcher pressure Washers from the K1 - K7 series machines with the push & twist fitment.

The Karcher HDS fitting is compatible with the following pressure washers. HDS 500C HDS 501C HDS 550 HDS 551C HDS 558C HDS 557CI HDS 590C HDS 601 HDS 650 HDS 655 HDS 745 ECO C HDS 801E HD 511/C HD 512/C HD 613/C HD 855S HD 650 PLUS HD 895 S PLUS HD 1025S HD 13/18 PLUS

The Nilfisk, Kew & Alto fitting is compatible with pressure washers with the "Push & Twist" fitment. Machines such as the C110, C120 and the E13.

The Bosch fitting is NOT compatible with Bosch ATQ models.

The Kranzle fitting is ideal for connecting to Kranzle K7 and K10 pressure washers.

If you push and twist connections (like a Bayonet) into your Nilfisk then please select the Nilfisk Push and Twist (Bayonet) connector.

Nilfisk Quick release is best described as working like a typical garden hose where you push back a lever and pull away to release it.

Karcher Pro is also referred to as the Karcher HD fitting

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image_desc Auto Finesse is a UK brand that test all their products and formulations in-house as well as by their professional detailers. Auto Finesse brings 'The Art of Detailing' to the enthusiast.

Established in 1999, Auto Finesse started their journey into car care as a man, van, and a passion for clean, shiny cars. Channelling 20 years of combined hands on experience into everything detailing today they manage each step of the process in house.

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Karcher, Karcher HDS, Nilfisk Kew Alto, Nilfisk Quick Release, Bosch, Bosch Aquatak (AQT), Kranzle, Lavor, Black and Decker







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