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This is THE heavy duty (Autobrite HD foam lance) snow foam lance from Autobrite. The process of pre-washing your car with a snow foam soaks of the majority of the harmful dirt and grit that causes swirls when washing your car.

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Nilfisk Kew Alto £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

Black and Decker £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

Bosch Aquatak (AQT) £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

Kranzle £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

Lavor £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

Karcher £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

Karcher HDS £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

Nilfisk Quick Release £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

Bosch £45.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £38.28 Ex VAT

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55 reviews
5/5.0 Average Rating

Dec 31th 2002 I used AD foam lance, it was really perfect than other products. I bought this one reasonable price, because in Korea it's too expensive. Product is very strong and easy to use and it has a wet foam. I recommend AD foam lance at Detailed Clean web site.

Review by AD Snow Foam lance review, rated

veryveryvery good and very butiful thx

Review by korean king, rated

White bubbles like AD foam lance whipped cream come out well, so it tastes like washing a car wash. You're the best!

Review by MR.KIM, rated

The delivery took 12 days, but the quality is very good. It's so beautiful. I'll test it as soon as the typhoon passes.

Review by MR.HOON, rated

good! ship fast

Review by KR, rated

Good price Good product Good delivery Triple Crown !!

Review by LondonPride, rated

At last! A lance that did what it said i am very pleased withe the way it performed and build quality

Review by Terry, rated

This product is so good to use I wanted to buy it, but I'm so happy that I bought it

Review by Taeyeon, rated

역시 최고의 폼랜스는 다르네요 가격대도 좋고요. 해외직구는 처음 해봤는데 10일만에 오더라고요 매우만족 입니다. 아주아주 믿을만한 업체 입니다. 상품이 어디 있는지 메일로 계속 알려 줍니다.

Review by Autobrite Snow Foam Lance, rated

It creates a lot of foam.

Review by sehan, rated

I live in Korea and enjoy car washing. The delivery period of this product was about two weeks, and it was delivered quickly. This product has a very good formLance, so I bought it without hesitation.

Review by YANG DAE HO, rated

Shipping is faster than my expectation even COVID-19. Paking also very good condition.
quality is good as you knows well.

Review by YM KIM, rated

This is the best foam lance!

Review by sunxxazn, rated

I can't wait to use AD foam lance!

Review by Park, rated

Shipping is very fast.
It's in very good condition.
There's a sticker in here.
I'll buy another one next time.

Review by LEE, rated

Easy to use.

I think it's better than any other formalities.

Review by Autobrite Snow Foam Lance, rated

good material !!! Recommended!!! 100%

Review by jk, rated

the world best snow foam lance..

will produce a thicker foam when compared with any other brand foam lance out there!

Review by alfie detailing, rated

Great product, highly recommend. Feels like it's built to last.

Make sure you use a worthy snowfoam to benefit from it's full potential.

Review by Bobby, rated

The product was easy to use and faithful to my function.
We are pleased to be using this product.

Review by Autobrite Snow Foam Lance, rated

Used weekly, provides great foam, bottle attaches without risk of cross threading. Huge bottle.

Review by Jimbo, rated

So much better than the little plastic thing that Karcher sells! Much more scope to adjust it how you like, i can now water down SF and CPW much more. Great quality bit of kit.

Review by Matt, rated

produce a lot of foam 13L/bottle and a really thick foam..

and this is my review video, of why you should buy this autobrite snow foam lance

Review by Alfie, rated

This is the second purchase, but also a good product.
It always produces a constant foam and is sprayed at constant pressure.
Please always make a good product.

Review by Good product, rated

AD FORM LANCE is the premier car wash.
It helps to get rid of the foreign substances in the vehicle.
Please make a better product in the future.

Review by AD FORM LANCE GOOD~!!, rated

AD Form Lance is a product that gives me a pleasure to wash

Review by SJP, rated

Well built, very sturdy, great adjustability which results in a great foam.
Overall great product, totally worth upgrading!

Great service from detailed clean order turned up very quick.

Review by Lee, rated

I had heard good things about these, so decided to give it a go, as the misses wanted something to buy me for my birthday - and my god its a laugh - always gets the neighbours curtain twitching. I can cover both cars with one fill of the bottle, which is perfect. Obviously not effective enough to clean the car without an actual wash, but makes a great start - which is what it is intended for.

Review by funner than I was expecting!, rated

Excelente Foam lance, recomendo a todos do Brasil, podem comprar sem medo que o Andrew é super gente boa e deu todo suporte a mim necessário
Segue curto video dela em funcionamento:

Review by Henrique Pivaro, rated

The king of snow foam lances, mixed with Bilt Hamber foam is the best cleaning combo you can get!

Review by Smithy225, rated

Best product, best foam. I'll recommand to you.

Review by Autobrite Snow Foam Lance, rated

It's amazing foam. so I've bought it twice.
I'll recommand to you.

Review by DEOKHWA, rated

Excellent product.Very fast shipping.Thank you for everything.(Turkey/Fethiye)

Review by M.Aydın, rated

Bought this snow foam lance as part of my first order from and firstly the service was faultless, nicely packed and delivered quickly by courier. Wow does it make a thick clinging foam, very easy to use, no fuss at all. I put 1-inch of solution in the bottle as it recommended but if anything it was too thick, if that's possible? Great fun and I think it fetched the bulk of the crud off the body work ready for the bucket wash.

Review by Dave C60, rated

Well built, very sturdy, great adjustability which results in a great foam.
Overall great product, totally worth it!

Review by Andri Karl, rated

I got this to use my Auto Finesse Avalanche. Oh my god. I never thought soap could be this effective and this is definitely the tool to use the soap with.

I was really surprised how heavy the foam lance was, really heavy duty. I had never used a foam lance before but tinkering with it soon got me the results I wanted.

If you want a good foam lance that says quality. Go with this one.

Review by Sibbi, rated

I purchased this to go with the Autobrite MagiFoam 5 Litre.
The lance is well constructed and easy to use. I purchased the Karcher version which was so easy to connect to my pressure washer.
Using the lance it produces a great foam covering (in conjunction with a good foam) which can be adjusted by twisting the nozzle, a good product.

Review by Bomberh, rated

Very good
Detailed clean GOOD Very kind ^^
Thanks everyone~

Review by South Korea Yhj, rated

My son wanted this lance for Christmas excellent bit of kit solid and robust connections to our Karcher

Review by TMAC, rated

I use this lance with my Karcher K and Sonax (orange) shampoo, it makes great foam....

Review by Alper, rated

I like the form is very stickiness
And fragrances jalsseu gaetda ^ ^

Review by detailed clean ^^, rated

Make more thicker foam than the other branded foam lance with same shampoo and dilution ratio. Good quality.

Review by Han Kil, rated

Great product, works very well. Used with Valet Pro PH Neutral Snow Foam, and can produce very thick foam.

Review by seanj, rated

the spray foam is of great quality and very easy to clean the vehicle

Review by Fabio Paes, rated

Made the mistake of buying a cheaper branded foaming lance. Gave up hope on producing a thick foam until I bought the HD lance.
Amazing results!! You can easily control the amount of product that goes through the lance. And the thickness of foam this thing produces is second to none.

Review by Dean, rated

Easy to attach and use, perfectly fits to my Karcher K, very dense foam, I start to enjoy cleaning my car.

Review by Enes, rated

Absolutely well built lance. I turned the nozzle down to low placed 1" of bilt hamber snow foam filled with warm water and gave me around 7 minutes of thick foam. Of course you get a finer spray when you turn the nozzle up but I was happy with my setting, Thought it was a bit pricey but you obviously get what you pay for. 10/10

Review by Paul, rated

I had recommendations on the snow foam lance AB and after use was very pleased. generates a very dense foam and consistent, helping a detailed cleaning.

Review by Nelson Albuquerque, rated

Checked out the lance, read the reviews, watched the videos on use : bought the lance along with Autobrite Magifoam : Excellent kit.... No instructions, but very easy to adjust to get a really thick adherent foam. Fitted to a Karcher unit. Superb effect. The service from Detailed Clean has been impecable. A combination of excellent kit & superb service that a car cleaning nut like me appreciates.

Review by Stuart, rated

A bit fiddly to use for the first time, in order to get a really nice thick foam with a good dwell time, but gave the neighbours a great laugh when I decorated the car with foam.

Basic instructions on how to use would be useful . . .otherwise it really does what it says on the tin. Makes washing the car a lot of fun and takes the drudgery out of it.

Review by Aleman, rated

before buying this i wasted £20 on the Genuine Karcher foamer!
then another £20 for an Ebay version of the AS foam lance
that lasted 3 weeks before dropping to bits!
bought this and have to say it is very sturdy and is very adjustable

Review by Brett, rated

This particular lance was recommended to me by a professional detailer. A quality product, fast delivery.

Review by SH, rated

Bought this snow foam lance after the hose pipe ban ended and used for the first time.. Foams really well and the price of the lance is fantastic.

Review by Walshy, rated

Delivery was very fast and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw candys inside the box!!
Snow foam lance was tested immediately and I am very satisfied with performance. Easy to use.
Disadvantage is that it can not be adjusted to apply foam horizontal, only vertical. But that is not important.

Review by Bo, rated

The AB snow foam lance is the best I've used. In the past I've used others including the Nilfisk one that came with my pressure washer but they were all a waste of time until I bought this. Really fun to use too.

Review by William, rated

Autobrite Snow Foam Lance

This is THE heavy duty (Autobrite HD foam lance) snow foam lance from Autobrite. The process of pre-washing your car with a snow foam soaks of the majority of the harmful dirt and grit that causes swirls when washing your car. This snow foam lance in our opinion is the best at this job, producing a nice thick foam that clings for a long time helping to better soak of dirt and grime.

The Autobrite HD Foam Lance really does help reduce the risk of creating swirl marks, marring and fine scratches during the hand washing process. We always recommend using a snow foam lance with a good quality snow foam such as 26JPN Snow Foam. The Autobrite Snow Foam Lance has a dial on top of the lance that alters the foam mixture from a weaker foam to a high thickness foam which is perfect for creating that perfect consistency of foam required when using our lance.

This snow foam lance is available with a number of different fittings for the most popular pressure washers, such as, Karcher, Karcher HDS, Nilfisk/Kew/Alto, Bosch and Kranzle. Key features of the lance are:

  • Comes with a 1 litre container bottle
  • Heavy duty foam lance design, ideal for enthusiast or professional use.
  • Maximum Pressure 180 Bar.
  • Max Temp 60 Degrees
  • Variable, adjustable spray nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.
  • Fully adjustable dilution with setting dial.
  • Connectors for Karcher, Kew/Alto/Nilfisk, Karcher Pro HDS, Bosch, and Kranzle

The Karcher fitting, fits all Karcher pressure Washers from the K1 - K7 series machines with the push & twist fitment.

The Karcher HDS fitting is compatible with the following pressure washers. HDS 500C HDS 501C HDS 550 HDS 551C HDS 558C HDS 557CI HDS 590C HDS 601 HDS 650 HDS 655 HDS 745 ECO C HDS 801E HD 511/C HD 512/C HD 613/C HD 855S HD 650 PLUS HD 895 S PLUS HD 1025S HD 13/18 PLUS

The Nilfisk, Kew & Alto fitting is compatible with pressure washers with the "Push & Twist" fitment. Machines such as the C110, C120 and the E13.

The Bosch fitting is NOT compatible with Bosch ATQ models.

The Kranzle fitting is ideal for connecting to Kranzle K7 and K10 pressure washers.

If you push and twist connections (like a Bayonet) into your Nilfisk then please select the Nilfisk Push and Twist (Bayonet) connector.

Nilfisk Quick release is best described as working like a typical garden hose where you push back a lever and pull away to release it.

Karcher Pro is also referred to as the Karcher HD fitting

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image_desc Autobrite is the name when it comes to snow foam lances and car pre-wash. The most respected car detailers probably use, or at have some stage have used, an Autobrite foam lance. Detailed Clean are proud to be an official supplier. We also have available Autobrite MagiFoam, a great compliment to buy along with your Autobrite foam lance. Magifoam is an excellent high foaming snow foam.

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