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Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel (auto-wheel) is pH neutral highly active wheel cleaner which is designed very deeply clean the most road dirt and grime caked car wheels.

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4.9/5.0 Average Rating

Been using this for years, best out there. Spray it on, wait for it to turn purple and blast off job done

Review by Al, rated

Great product cleans well and easy to use, would recommend.

Review by Sukhy, rated

Amazing product! I actually took my wheels off the car to clean them. Sprayed the cleaner on and within a couple of mins it had turned purple. The only downside is my decent wheel brush is broken so had to use one of those soft bristled paintbrush style ones so couldn't agitate as much as I would have liked. Still did an amazing job! Bar far the best and easiest wheel cleaner i've ever used!

Review by Peanut222, rated

Do not hesitate - buy this now, this stuff is unbelievable!

I've had my car for 2 years and although I clean it regularly, the alloys are awkward and there iis a build up inside the wheel and behind the spokes. I applied the product, left for 5 mins, agitated the worst areas, rinsed and 90% of the build up was gone. The product is quite loose when sprayed on so move the car forward slightly so the second application ensured all of the wheel had had a decent application and apart from a few tar spots (maybe I didn't apply enough product?), the wheels are spotless.

Considering how much time this will save cleaning the wheels, this is a bargain!

Review by Richard, rated

After buying a car which appeared to have never had its wheels cleaned, I brought out my arsenal of potions & formulas built up over a number of years OCD car cleaning but nothing would shift the grime.
I then fell across a video for Bilt Hamber on YouTube
This stuff is awesome. First application I drenched the wheels & shifted at least 90% of the grime that I tried everything on previously . The next wash the last bits came off leaving the wheels spotless
I just give the wheels a light misting before each clean now & they still look brand new. Not the cheapest, but certainly the best

Review by Nigel, rated

Awesome product!! There was some black spots on my alloys that i'd accepted were never coming off... Spray this stuff on, jet wash off and away they went!!

Review by Volvoc30, rated

This Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel cleaner is the best I have used, spray on rubbed in with brush and watch it turn deep red.
Hosed off and wheels were spotless, would not go back to any other wheel cleaner

Review by Ian Oak, rated

A neighbour hadn't washed the alloys on his BMW for several months, and the brake dust was chronic. A first application of Bilt Humber removed most of the baked on dust, a second application which was left to soak for 30 minutes removed the rest. Magic. It was used in conjunction with Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush.

Review by Tim Fox, rated

This stuff has to be seen to be believed. I have bought many wheel cleaners in the past which all claim to do the job, and of course dont. This cleaner actually works whilst you watch it change colour and with a gentle rub , my wheels were spotless. Brilliant

Review by Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel, rated

Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel

Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel is pH neutral highly active wheel cleaner which is designed very deeply clean the most road dirt and grime caked car wheels.

Auto Wheel requires minimal agitation but cleans as effectively as acid based wheel cleaners without running the risk of damaging your wheels because Auto Wheel is pH neutral. Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel attacks metallic objects reducing their size by using a unique chelating process that renders the iron particles water soluble even though the pH remains neutral together with a strong degreasing action Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel provides safe effective wheel cleaning.

  • pH neutral wheel cleaner
  • minimal agitation required
  • auto-wheel is as effective as acid based wheel cleaners
  • highly tested new Bilt Hamber Wheel Cleaner with a spray head
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