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The BLO AIR-S is a super-compact, handheld car dryer that packs a big punch. By using a car dryer, you eliminate the need for using a drying towel.

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I am amazed by AIR-S because it is compact, lightweight, and easily dries my car, giving it a quick and thorough drying. Strongly recommended!

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BLO Handheld Car Dryer Air-S

The BLO AIR-S is a super-compact, handheld car dryer that packs a big punch.

  • 1.5HP via a Single Motor
  • Warm Filtered Air
  • 21,800 FPM
  • Twin Air Speed Control
  • Long 16" / 5M Power Cord
  • 1 Year Warranty

By using a car dryer, you eliminate the need for using a drying towel. This in turn means your vehicle will be free of swirl marks, scratches and water spots. The BLO AIR-S speeds up the drying process and ensures your vehicle is dried safely. This dryer has the most powerful motor possible for a handheld, but not at the expense of weight, as while it is the most powerful output, it is also the lightest in class. It offers up to 25% more drying power than some competitors. The handle provides an ergonomic grip and can be used when the dryer is flipped upside down, for easier reach on lower areas.

The dryer has a 2-Speed controller so you can have a less forceful airflow when required in tight areas or on delicate surfaces; so you have complete control. The AIR-S is ideal for chasing water out of all the hard to reach places on cars like grilles, bumpers, vents, and wheels. It can be used for bikes, motorcycles, and even small watercraft and it’s great for dusting interiors and even electronics and electrical devices. It comes with a handy 16’ / 5M Cord and a choice of 3 nozzles to suit any job.

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image_desc Drying your car with huge amounts of warm filtered air is not only safer, it is fun! The BLO Car Dryers offer non-contact drying to eliminate swirls and scratches that can happen during a regular touch/towel drying method.

Designed and specified in the USA, BLO Car Dryers suit everyone from car enthusiasts who want every last drop of water BLOwn away, through to professional detailers that need a fast and safe drying solution for premium vehicles.

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