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Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish

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Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish

Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish is a very different kind of polish, and the only polish you'll ever need for regular paintwork correction. Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish produces a great finish both by machine and by hand.

  • No fillers - with virtually no lubricant, a P1 finish doesn't suffer "drop back". This is where the lubricants or fillers in a traditional polish hide minor imperfections, typically micro scratches in the polished surface. These usually reappear after the vehicle's first wash as the lubricants / fillers are washed off. With P1 what you see is what you get.
  • Reduced speed / effort - with many more active particles working the surface, the polish works faster with less effort than traditional compound abrasives.
  • Friction build-up - smaller active particle size means less friction, so the surface doesn't heat up as much as with conventional abrasives. This reduces the likelihood of burning through paint. It also allows for making several passes over the same area to remove stubborn scratches, without fear of over-polishing.

Breakthroughs in nano-structured composite materials have resulted in the development of a uniform abrasive particle on the nanoscopic scale, resulting in a polish that requires almost no lubrication.

100ml or 500ml


Please refer to the manufacturers instructions before using the Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish.


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Overall Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish has an average  5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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Was easy to apply and the finished result looks great. As it has no filler I'm not sure how it would look on a car with poor paintwork but it makes my Aston look amazing.
Did the job by hand, but think I will invest in a rotary polisher before the next application.

Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish reviewed by  Craig on  - rated 5 stars

I use this polish with the hot swap wool pads on a flex 150 rotary polisher and am always very happy with results. On harder paints you need to go over the area a few more times than normal but the end result always makes me smile...

Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish reviewed by  Gtechniq P1 on  - rated 5 stars

Okay, this seemed to do a good job, I only used it by hand but it was far from the miracle product that it seems like in the demo videos. It didn't completely remove swirls or scratches, however it doesn't have any fillers in it which in my mind is kind of cheating. In that respect it's probably about the same as the Autoglym SRP. Although I must say the car looked really good after I waxed it.

Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish reviewed by  Jonathan on  - rated 5 stars


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