CarPro Iron X Snow Soap

Snow Foams and Snow Foam Lances

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap is a highly concentrated and effective cleaning forumula that is suitable for cleaning all types of paintwork, metal, glass, plastics, rubbers and alloy wheels.

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7 reviews
4.7/5.0 Average Rating

Amazing product, does a very good job

Review by Tomer, rated

it stinks very much. but does a great job on cleaning surface grime, industrial fall outs and iron contamination. very effective product.

Review by kausik das, rated

Decent Cleaning power, but i can't stand the smell.. you can use it as a snow foam or undiluted.!

Review by Alfie Detailing, rated

Very easy to use
Not a replacement for heavy iron but good to use for a quick wash and detail

Review by Maxw, rated

Terrific snow foam that cleans well. But the addition of Iron X highlights in red the areas that need extra attention. No red means no additional targeted ironx required. This saves you money as you aren't then spraying it around the whole car on places were it isn't needed and then wasted.

Review by Mike Baker, rated

Took a little while to 'foam up' n first application using my Karcher applicator. It doesn't turn 'purple' like the iron x wheel cleaner, and although it produces a decent foam - I didn't really see a big benefit over using nowmal shampoo. Little more than a gimmick from what I can tell...

Review by Richardesty, rated

Iron X and a snow foam in one, cant really go wrong. Very convenient and saves time.

Review by Kenny, rated

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap is a highly concentrated and effective cleaning forumula that is suitable for cleaning all types of paintwork, metal, glass, plastics, rubbers and alloy wheels.

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap has a triple action function of acting as a:

  • iron remover
  • strong degreaser
  • and car shampoo.

IronX Snow Soap has been formulated to be a concentrated ultra high foam that will produce an extremely dense foam when used through a foam lance. While still dissolving iron contaminants on surface, dirt and grime are quickly loosened and removed while snow soap is left to dwell. Snow Soap can be used as a bucket wash shampoo with a wash mitt shampoo and can be diluted up to 1:8.

This dilution ration will produce a wash solution with a pH of 7. Safe for waxes and LSP.

  • Mint fragrance means it is easy to work with
  • Cleans iron deposits on your car paint through chemical reaction together with using car shampoo.
  • Cleans road dirt and salts very well.
  • Cleans the cars bodywork softly with a rich foam.
  • Surface shall becomes lubricated
  • Can be safely used on on glass, resin, and alloy wheels.
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