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CarPro Iron X is a pH balanced highly effective car wheel, paint, and glass cleaner. It is effective and safe for use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats.

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52 reviews
5/5.0 Average Rating

This is an excellent wheel cleaner and iron remover. I have been using it since 2016 almost once a month. I would recommend to all.

Review by Jones on 01/03/2022 rated

Great product, one of the best fall out removers. Amazing price for the quality of the product and easy to apply good sprayer.

Review by Sukhy on 20/05/2021 rated

one of the best iron fall out removers available in the market. acid free pH balanced formula, safe on painted, plastic, glass and coated surfaces. absolutely needed product for decontamination of various automotive surfaces.

Review by kausik das on 24/03/2021 rated

This worked even better than expected. It took about 10 seconds for hundreds of red pin pricks to bloom all over my wife’s next car. I had already snow foamed, power rinsed and a full two bucket wash, so I was surprised at the iron it found. Fantastic product. Will be buying again.

Review by Denz on 21/07/2020 rated

Get used to that very distinctive smell because once you have used this it would be utterly futile to buy anything else. Simply brilliant. Used on my car and bike all year round. 5 stars all day long.

Review by Nigel Cooper on 11/05/2018 rated

It stinks!! Hideous smell but wow! Really does work well, couldn't believe how much it picked up after snow foaming and washing the car.

Review by Matt on 09/10/2017 rated

Amazing stuff I use it today with alloys that had tons of break dust. Recomended iron x it's worth the value of money 

Review by max on 29/06/2017 rated

A great product, hard to be beaten by the competition. I would say use sparingly & lightly wet the surface prior to application to allow it to soak in. And LEAVE to dwell, then lightly agitate & rinse off !

Review by Mr T on 16/08/2016 rated


IronX works great on your body work and removes all forms of contamination. No need to spend hours with a clay bar ever again!
Spray on, wait 15 min, rinse well. Your bodywork is clean and smooth as silk ready for you to apply your polish. What a time saver!

Review by Phil on 26/07/2016 rated

Great Product! Makes the claying process shorter and much more easy! Recommend!

Review by Roee B on 24/06/2016 rated

Impressed by other other products in the CarPro range, I decided to give CarPro Tar X a try on my BBS wheels. Each spring they receive a very deep clean using CarPro Iron X and CarPro Tar X before applying a coating. Very gentle cleaning that leaves the wheels looking better than new. Highly recommended product.

Review by myblackbeetle on 18/02/2016 rated

Do not open the bottle indoors and do not spill the contents on anything absorbent! That's the warnings out of the way for what is a superb product. I never let my wheels get to the ridiculous stage where brake dust is baked on so cannot talk about it's qualities for that particular application. For keeping summer wheels looking good I tend to use once a year as part of a deep clean regime. So easy to use, great results first time and the wheels always draw positive comments when judged. 100% confidence in CarPro Iron X, keep coming back to it year after year.

Review by myblackbeetle on 09/02/2016 rated

Really great stuff and lasts well if mixed 4:1 with water

Review by James on 27/12/2015 rated

I have used the Iron X product a couple of times on my wheels, it has worked beautifully. It not only highlights the dirt but also helps shit it, a gentle whip over after spraying on and my wheels are clean and like new.

Review by Iron X Review on 20/07/2015 rated

Superb stuff. Ill be buying the full size bottle as this got rid of some long standing grime on all my alloys. It makes a real difference to see a full set of really clean wheels.

Review by PaulW on 08/06/2015 rated

Good results using this product. Watch as the break dust turns purple,then the iron melts away. Recommend the gel iron x too for difficult places to reach on the alloys. Recommended product for alloys.

Review by Keith on 13/04/2015 rated

So far I 've not found anything better than IronX at cleaning wheels. Spray on all four wheels, no rush, then using wheel wooleys scrub them clean. Easy.

Review by Shiny Happy Cars on 09/03/2015 rated

A really helpful product making the claying much more easier and safety

Review by Ofir on 11/01/2015 rated

This stuff is the business. I only use it on badly soiled wheels due to the cost, I use Poorboys Spray & Rinse first.
It does smell badly, so I take the spray head off and replace the sealed cap whilst it sits in the back of the van. I don't want to pass out driving down the road. Despite the poor manufacturer's video that doesn't sell the product well, I would recommend it.
I've given it 4.5 out of 5. It loses 0.5 for the smell.

Review by Shiny Happy Cars on 04/01/2015 rated

One of the best wheel cleaners out there,tend to use after my regular wheel cleaner always impressed with what iron x pulls off wheels which normal cleaners leave behind great product

Review by MARK on 28/10/2014 rated

This is a fantastic product, and a must for anyone with a white car. I use it every week after an initial wash. Great at breaking down and removing black tar/iron dots. Just wish they did a 5ltr refill.

Review by Craig on 31/07/2014 rated

Excellent product, best ive used so far and is a must have for anyones collection
Ignore the awful smell!

Review by Chris on 07/05/2014 rated

Fantastic product which gets wheels amazingly clean. This refill is good to keep the smaller bottle topped up

Review by Carl on 30/01/2014 rated

one of the best products on the market now in the economic package. I have not let go of the iron x on my kit products

Review by Fabio Paes on 24/01/2014 rated

This was the first time I used this product on my white scirocco and you saw the results instantly. The purple colour was running done the paint work! I also used on the alloys wheels and had the same results.

Review by Craig Campbell on 31/12/2013 rated

First time ever used, cleaned wheels with little agitation, but not really needed. This is an excellent cleaner for heavily soiled wheels.

Review by SK on 18/11/2013 rated

this product is by far the best ive used. I have used purple rain and britemax iron out and non compare to this. easy to use and easy to clean. I use this every 4th or 5th wash it does exactly what it says on the tin :)

Review by martin on 04/10/2013 rated

powerful cleaning power

Review by Fabio Paes on 20/09/2013 rated

Best ferric decontamination, vital product throughout detailer arsenal

Review by drsublimecardetail on 10/09/2013 rated

The best product in the class, spray onto my wheels to remove brake dust and get an instant reaction. Just be sure to hose off thoroughly, wouldn't like to say what this stuff would do if left to dry!

Review by sb on 10/08/2013 rated

Now my wheel are really clean. The change of colour of this product is very useful.

Review by DetailStation on 24/07/2013 rated

Excellent decontamination ferric iron-very good as all products "carprofen" and very good idea " ECO PACK "

Review by Diego on 10/07/2013 rated

I just want to echo what everyone else says really. It works there's no 2 ways about it. The hard part is convincing other people that it works.

Even when they see it hit the bodywork they don't believe it but when you wash it off and spray the same area again and very little to no reaction happens they know it works.

Review by Rayner on 03/07/2013 rated

Great to save a few quid if you already have iron X or one of the lesser alternatives. A great product for cleaning all paintwork and alloy wheels. But then if you are looking to refill, you already know how great it is!

Review by Ben lander on 19/06/2013 rated

This product is a integral part of my detail. You can't get a truly great finish unless the paint is thoroughly clean and this does just the job alongside some clay and IPA. Doesn't smell great but is great for all paintwork and especially alloys.

Review by Ben lander on 19/06/2013 rated

Genuinely amazing stuff and I do not use that term lightly. Cannot recommend it highly enough, spray it on and leave and it turns from clear to red or dark red depending on how contaminated you wheels are and with just a rinse of water leaves them sparkly clean. and as it's not acidic it won't damage anything either!! buy some now you won't regret it!

Review by Blans on 01/06/2013 rated

Great Product to refill, will be returning for more when i run out!

Review by Ed Smith Valeting on 11/05/2013 rated

This stuff is brilliant at effortlessly deep cleaning wheels and is well worth the money.... However, it's not the sweetest smelling of products I've used.

Review by Richardesty on 20/04/2013 rated

Great product for cleaning wheels, and makes an easy job of getting the baked on brake dust off too, leaves your wheels looking like new, I use this all the time.

Review by Mike smith on 18/04/2013 rated

Fantastic product...makes the task of cleaning alloys so much easier and it works a treat. Cherry flavoured too!!
All I can say is just put an order in and prepare to be amazed! After one application the wheels looked so much better on my Focus as they had a lot of brake dust engrained in,also used on alloys of the wife's MX-5. CarPro Iron X has some really strong active ingredients but the lustre & shine i now have on my wheels is as good as new. Think about this seriously.......for just under £10:00 for this miracle bottle or approx £300 for your wheels refurbed? It's sort of a no-brainer isn't it? Highly recommended.

Review by Keith on 02/04/2013 rated

Brilliant product, ignore the smell and you'll love it, amazing how much it pulls out of paintwork and wheels to leave a smooth finish and claying much easier

Review by Falky on 10/03/2013 rated

I've used other wheel cleaners from high street stores but none of those come close to this! You actually see the grime pour from the wheels and callipers due to the purple colour it turns. With a small amount of agitation It leaves the wheels and callipers clean and shiny. I wouldn't say its needs to be used every wash, unless you do a lot of miles. The smell is quite potent too even though it says blueberry.

Review by Richard on 24/02/2013 rated

Brilliant product, makes cleaning wheels a peice of cake. Simple to use with outstanding results!

Review by Ryan W on 11/02/2013 rated

this is about the best on the market!
really good for brand new vehicles
you can see all the contaminents bleeding red/purple

Review by b hill on 09/12/2012 rated

This stuff cannot be matched by competitors. A must for all detailers!

Review by Jay on 14/11/2012 rated

There are many products that try to compete with ironx but non of them beat this product...highly rated.

Review by Andy on 14/10/2012 rated

iron x is the ultimate product used over the whole car, makes claying so much easier as most contaminants are removed. removes brake dust and transforms the wheels like new

Review by Guy R on 26/08/2012 rated

Compared to regular alloy wheel cleaners this stuff is simply amazing!No matter how long youve had brake dust baked on your alloys Iron x will shift it.

Review by Neil on 17/08/2012 rated

Now a regular product in my cars detailing process. Was amazed how affect Iron X was in removing brake dust, well worth the price

Review by Jen on 07/08/2012 rated

Brilliant product Iron X is now added to my wash process.

Review by Louise on 03/08/2012 rated

i use this product on cars where the owners dont have time to detail there cars as iwould my own car makes a excellent job of alloy wheels

Review by harry cross 23 on 28/07/2012 rated

Love using Iron X... the purple reaction with iron x is very helpful in showing you that iron x is working on cleaning your wheels, well worth it

Review by Pete Lasky on 13/07/2012 rated

CarPro Iron X

CarPro Iron X is a pH balanced (acid-free) highly effective car wheel, paint, and glass cleaner. It is effective and safe for use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats. Iron X removes more paint contamination than washing or claying your car as Iron X is designed to remove contamination that lies below the paint surface.

IronX is safe for all wheels including:

  • Aluminum
  • Chromes
  • Anodized and alloys
  • Average consumption per car: 100 ~ 150ml.
  • Shelf life: 1 year if kept closed in cool, dry place

Airborne chemical compounds and ferrous particles such as iron penetrate the paint and create corrosive compounds that eat into your car paints layers. Claying or polishing your car only removes the particles but does not stop its affects which continue below the surface. Due to the high temperatures under which brakes work, iron contamination can become sintered to the surface of your cars wheels.

Iron X opens up the surfaces pores to release ferrous particles and neutralise caustic compounds that are under the surface. This stops ongoing damage occurring and prevents future damage by removing these iron particles. Iron X sprays on to the surface to be treated as a thick and transparent liquid and immediately begins to work, turning a purple colours once the reaction is occurring. This colour change is IronX bonding to the sintered iron on the car paint or wheels changing it to a water soluble state for jet washing off.

  • Wash the car or wheels surfaces, make sure surface is in cool temp.
  • Shake well, spray on the surface,rub it in with damp sponge thoroughly, wait 5 min. While contaminants change its color to purple/red, wipe off with damp soft sponge.
  • IronX can be dried on surface but not under sunshine!!
  • Rinse well or power wash the whole surface. Car is ready to clay now.
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