CarPro TRIX Iron and Tar Remover

Bug and Tar Removers

CarPro TRIX Iron and Tar Remover is one is special chemical formulation that is designed to remove Tar and Iron at the same time. 

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9 reviews
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Very easy to use and now don’t need two products.

Review by Sukhy, rated

Have used this befor and great product prob not as good as iron x and tar x on there own but it does the job well and saves time

I've come back for more so must be good

Review by Neil, rated

I have never used IRON X before so i cant compare the strength between that and this however im very pleased with the results of this product . It has cleaned my wheels superbly . There was plenty of the red stuff which was easily wiped away and it cleared away any tar from the front of the car.

Review by Time saving but still great results, rated

Very good product very easy to use
Prob not quite as good as using separate iron X and tar X but saves time when in a hurry

Review by Maxw, rated

it takes the tar and iron off with ease and really iwouldnt use anything else, i didnt like the triggers though seamed to leaked, but easily solved with your own bottle.

Review by conall m, rated

Awesome product! Very effective! For me this works better than Iron X. It smell very bad, you should use it with gloves, otherwise that smell will stick in your skin and it's so hard to remove it. 100% recommended

Review by Max, rated

Not as powerful as the individual products, but sill very effective and easy to use. Smells a little better than ironx, suspects that's the addition of tarx into the formula. Shake shake shake before you bake......the formula separates very fast so as your moving round the car keep it agitated. Great job overall, had to use intensive tar remover for big lumps.

Review by Tony, rated

Great product,with easy clean iron contamination and tar deposits,very satisfied with it.

Review by tony, rated

used this to de-tar a white Range Rover
the car was covered in spots and this has managed to remove 99% with ease
i had a couple of stubborn spots but a wipe with a cloth sorted them out
great stuff

Review by b hill, rated

CarPro TRIX Iron and Tar Remover

CarPro TRIX Iron and Tar Remover is one is special chemical formulation that is designed to remove Tar and Iron at the same time. CarPro started with the Iron X components and then added additional chemicals that are designed to remove Tar and Naphtha base components.

TRIX is a very fast acting and strong degreaser yet is still pH neutral so it can be used on most surfaces including:

  • wheels
  • car paint
  • glass
  • plastic trim
  • aluminium

Generally, when using TRIX to fully cover the average car you will consume about 150 to 200ml.

  • Shake very well before each spray squirt.
  • Spray on the surface, let react for 5 min maximum.
  • Rinse off or agitate with soft sponge or Microfibre.
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CarPro was established in 2009 by people who love their cars with a mission to make exceptional detailing products available to enthusiasts. From interior coatings and cleaners to their most well-known ceramic paint coating, CQuartz, they have something for every car care need.

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