Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish

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Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish is a gloss magnifier, that reflects like a mirror and is particularly good for black paint. 

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I've used Wet Mirror Finish for a long time and it's an excellent paint sealant that instantly creates a glossy and mirror-like finish, as well as a long-lasting sealant that brings out the shine in car paint.

Review by Sterling, rated

Excellent product !! You must try it specially if you have a dark or black car 🚙. Use this base coat than put wax ( Turtle wax ceramic +graphemes paste wax ) on top amazing like mirror finish.

Review by Man, rated

Perfect glaze very blingy finish

Review by Alex S, rated

Does what it says on the tin and like all other CG products, it goes a long way.

Review by Shiny Happy Cars, rated

Bought this for my black smart roadster, applied by hand with a microfibre applicator after claying the bonnet... Absolutely incredible!!! it was pretty hard to take a picture of the bonnet afterwards as the picture kept coming out as if it was a mirror, could only see reflections! best stuff!! will defo buy again!
(a good idea to use a sealant afterwards to keep that shine locked in, otherwise will come off slowly in the rain)

Review by chilla47, rated

Used this after using Black hole and the results were amazing a brilliant finish by hand, using this on its own with my buffer also delivers a outstanding finish top product... Thank you

Review by Darren, rated

Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish

Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish is a gloss magnifier, that reflects like a mirror and is particularly good for black paint. Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish is an ultra slick, non-stick, gloss magnifier with a formulation that allows paint to breathe.

It is a one-step surface preparatory product that is guaranteed to enhance the shine of any surface.

  • Perfect for black paint - Non stick
  • Gloss magnifier
  • Non wax formulation

Wet Mirror Finish has a unique non-wax formulation reduces static charge on the surface allowing for allowing for maximum repellency of dirt, while the unique lubricity of Mirror Wet reduces friction during application and removal which in turn completely limits the static charge on the vehicle surface.


Wet Mirror-Finish Can be hand or machine applied for superior results and because it is not a wax or glaze base it blends in with the paint working with the actual finish to magnify gloss and protection rather then merely being wiped off with a towel.

Mirror Wet Finish can be worked in and virtually disappears in the process.

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image_desc Chemical Guys are more than a brand, it's a lifestyle with a worldwide following.

They started out by wiping the slate clean and start off fresh with a simple idea to make the best quality chemicals manufactured in California to the highest quality standard. Over the years, Chemical Guys have grown into so much more: a huge library of detailing knowledge, a benchmark in the industry, group of friends with one common passion.

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