Dakota Odor Bomb Odour Eliminator

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Dakota Odor Bomb Odour Eliminator is a permanent, one-time odour eliminating fogger. The Odor Bomb penetrates every crevice and crack to destroy all malodors inside your car. 

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Wild Cherry £ 8.94 Inc VAT
Hurry, Only 1 Left £7.45 Ex VAT

Black Diamond £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

Fresh Melon £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

Lemon Lime £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

Neutral Air £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

Nappa Berry £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

Orange Citrus £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

Ocean Water £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

Pacific Breeze £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

New Car Scent £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

Vanilla £8.94 Inc VAT
Out of Stock £7.45 Ex VAT

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3 reviews
4.8/5.0 Average Rating

Easy to use and made the car smell nice. Good on price and quality

Review by Sukhy, rated

This is an awesome product. Used on the family Zafira and with 3 boys, uneaten food and accidents etc this odor bomb made the car smell like new. Would highly recommend.

Review by CRAIG, rated

Excellent product, use sparingly as can be very potent in smaller vehicles. Used on a car that had rotten fish left in for three days, full valet and application of the odor bomb sorted it right out!

Review by JPAUTOSHINE, rated

Dakota Odor Bomb Odour Eliminator

Dakota Odor Bomb Odour Eliminator is a permanent, one-time odour eliminating fogger. The Odor Bomb penetrates every crevice and crack to destroy all malodors inside your car. The Dakota Odor Bomb is more than an air freshener – it’s a car odour eliminator!

The Odor Bomb destroys odours in an entire room with the push of a button. Odours are eliminated permanently. This is not a cover-up deodoriser. Odor Bomb destroys odours caused by urine, faeces, decay, rancidity, fire, tobacco smoke, cooking and mildew.

The worst smells will disappear. Each Dakota Bomb treats 6000 cubic feet. There are a number of different odour bomb spray fragrances available, including, New Car Scent, Neutral, Vanilla, Nappa Berry, Pacific Breeze, Black Diamond, Wild Cherry and WInter Woods to mention a few.

Please note we are not able to ship this product internationally.

  • Place the can on a flat surface and depress the valve into the locking catch and leave the room.
  • Do not disturb the area for at least two hours. Ventilate the room for 30 minutes before re-entering. The fragrance may be strong at first. It will dissipate in about 3 days, leaving just clean air. The Odor Bomb’s valve can also be operated to deliver short bursts of spray as well.
  • Each Odor Bomb treats 6000 cubic feet, or the size of a typical hotel room. The odour-destroying fog permeates fabrics, carpets, and crevices to eliminate odours everywhere. Use the Dakota Odor Bomb inside your vehicle, home or office.
  • Eliminate odours anywhere, safely and permanently. When treating cars, the spray should be used in short bursts rather than using the full can as a one-off treatment. This will also ensure that the Odour Bomb lasts much longer.
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image_desc Dakota products, based in south Dakota USA and established in 1996, produce and manufacture innovative car air freshener products of the highest quality. Our favourite is the Dakota Bomb New Car Scent.

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Wild Cherry, Black Diamond, Fresh Melon, Lemon Lime, Neutral Air, Nappa Berry, Orange Citrus, Ocean Water, Pacific Breeze, New Car Scent, Vanilla







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