DC Basics Fine Medium Clay Bar

Clay Bars, Mitts and Lubes

The DC Basics White Clay Bar is a ridiculously large 200g of quality fine/medium detailing clay for decontaminating paintwork.

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7 reviews
4.9/5.0 Average Rating

Quality clay bar, perfect for that glass finish, don't waste your money on inferior products

Review by S Derry, rated

White Clay Bar is fantastic! It effortlessly removed stubborn grime, leaving a smooth and glossy finish. Impressive

Review by Carter, rated

this clay bar is absolutely great, a must have in your car cleaning basket, always use with clay lube for best results, removes every thing from the paintwork from tar, to grit, to bird crap, a must before machine polishing , try it yourself to see the results,, buy now

Review by diarmaid, rated

This bar is great it can be cut into 8 pieces easily and that is more than enough to do serval cars. Buy this bar can't say much more BUY IT ,!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Conall M, rated

My first attempt at using clay. I couldn't believe what came off the paintwork.
A must before machine polishing or you'll just grind the dirt into the paint.
This bar will go a long way..........

Review by craig thomson, rated

Huge bar! Easily splits into 4 large pieces, and really does the job at pulling all the surface contaminants out of the clear coat. Used with Meguiar last touch detailer as a lube, ans surface became silky smooth.

Review by Aleman, rated

Good value soft clay bar tbh not much diff between this and stuff double the price

Review by Abel187, rated

DC Basics Fine Medium Clay Bar

The DC Basics White Clay Bar is a ridiculously large 200g of quality fine/medium detailing clay for decontaminating paintwork. It comes packaged in a protective plastic case for easy storage and protection of the clay when not using it. The DC Basics White Clay Bar will safely remove light industrial fallout and heavier contamination, including insects, brake dust, stubborn road grime, surface rust, tar, exhaust soot and oxidation.

Even though it is a fine to medium clay bar, we would still always recommend using the clay bar with a professional detailing spray such as Meguiars Last Touch. The storage box comes with usage information instructions.

  • Professional clay bar
  • Medium grade
  • White 200g bar
  • For removal of bonded surface contaminants
  • Very aggressive quality
  • Complete with plastic storage box
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image_desc DC Basics are a set of essential products for all detailers to use; priced for value to you.

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