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Auto Finesse Citrus Power

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Auto Finesse Citrus Power

Auto Finesse Citrus Power is a powerful exterior bug and grime remover which uses natural citrus extracts to remove the toughest bugs and road grime without the need to scrub.

Citrus power is also safe for use on paintwork, glass, exterior plastic trim and more. Another great advantage of Citrus Power over conventional exterior degreasers is that it will not strip wax or sealants that have been applied.

It comes complete is a strong 1 litre bottle with a high flow mist or stream trigger head included.

  • Wax and sealant safe
  • Highly effective degreaser
  • Includes trigger spray

1 Litre or 5L


  1. Pre rinse the area to be treated
  2. Apply liberally to the surface
  3. Wash the area as normal and rinse


We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Auto Finesse Citrus Power - Average Rating

Auto Finesse Citrus Power has an average 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings ( 9 user reviews).

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Overall Auto Finesse Citrus Power has an average  5 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

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great bug and grime remover. just spray and soak for few minutes and rinse with pressure washer. works as a great pre-wash soak.

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  kausik das on  - rated 5 stars

Great for removing bugs and flies in the summer and works well to loosen dirt and grime on car doors and sides.

Recommended Product.

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  Dan on  - rated 5 stars

This is wonderful stuff. i havnt found anything that it wont shift easily yet.
I even used it on the underside of an oily hood.
Sprayed on, used a brush, and washed off.
Shifts anything ive tried to throw at it.

Magic stuff, i cant rate it enough

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  Blair on  - rated 5 stars

This stuff has radically changed my cleaning routine - i don't use it on every wash but it's brilliant at loosening caked on dirt and traffic film. I tend to spray liberally over the lower half of the car so that i don't have to use any pressure with my wash mitt. Also it's brilliant at shifting muck around badges etc. Not cheap but WELL worth it!

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  SamB on  - rated 5 stars

Brilliant for bug removal, spray on leave to soak, agitate and it leaves the paintwork beautifully clean

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  Falky on  - rated 5 stars

absolute brilliant and must have thing for harsh winter months. spray it on dirt, wait 10 minuts and rinse it off. works wonders.

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  neno on  - rated 5 stars

Citrus Power is best used before actual washing of the vehicle takes place. Spray the liquid liberally onto the panels in question and allow the product to soften the dead bugs and road grime before attacking with your mitt or brush. Like all AF’s products, it works as described but for me, it’s best used on intricate trim sections and worked with a sash brush into a nice foam before being rinsed off with a pressure washer or hose. Another product I cannot do without.

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  Matt @ AML on  - rated 4 stars

Excellent stuff, works out cheaper as a 1 litre and lasts long

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  Brent on  - rated 5 stars

Used after a motorway journey where had crazy bugs everywhere, loosened and removed them very easily.

Auto Finesse Citrus Power reviewed by  Pierpont on  - rated 5 stars


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