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CarPro FlyBy 30 Kit 20ml

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CarPro FlyBy 30 Kit 20ml

CarPro FlyBy30 is a state-of-the-art technology that maintains a strong coating on glass windscreen, which resists friction and abrasion by wipers, dust, car-wash or harsh cleansers, and is most importantly rain repellent from 30mph/45kmh drive speed.

With FlyBy390 applied wiper chatter will not occurred, even after it passes through the haze of the wiper you will not have any rubber chattering.

  • very easy to use
  • no haze
  • no smears
  • no stain problems on glass.
  • water repellant for 6-8 months

CarPro FlyBy30 provides for a safe, easy and high visibility driving environment in poor weather conditions. High water droplet contact angle (112 deg.) and low sliding angle (15deg.) will give you very fast repellent and clear glass from rain, ice, snow and bugs.

CarPro FlyBy30 repels water drops while driving starting from speed of 30mph/45kmh~ 38mph/60kmh or more, and allows you to have clear vision for safe driving. This may vary on windscreen angle, average tested on 45 deg. angle.

The CarPro FlyBy30 kit contains:

  • 20ml FlyBy30 Hydrophobic Windscreen Rain Repellant
  • 50ml CarPro Eraser Alcohol based Cleaner
  • 50ml Ceriglass Glass Polish
  • One Ceriglass Glass Polish Applicator Block
  • One small Foam Applicator
  • Two 10cmx10cm Suede Applicator Cloths
  • One 20cmx20cm Suede Cloth


Do not apply it on wet windshield otherwise it may cause damage to the surface.

  • Polish your glass using the Ceriglass by hand or machine, clean it well with Eraser and dry the surface.
  • Pour few drops of FlyBy30 on the suede applicator and apply in criss-cross all over the surface.
  • Let cure for 1 minute, wipe it off with a dry clean MF towel.
  • If waiting was too long and surface is hard to wipe off, repeat the application again on that area.
  • (Optional Stage- if not possible, move onto stage 5)) Heat up the glass to 80 deg C. for 5 min. using IR light or heat gun.(baking the coat will release the car to drive in the rain without 12 H drying after coat)
  • Let dry for more than 12 hours, in order to make the coating adhere firmly to the Windshield.(is surface wasnt heat up in stage 5)
  • We recommend cleaning the wipers rubber with Eraser once finished to avoid wiper judder.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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CarPro FlyBy 30 Kit 20ml

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