Finish Kare Hi-Temp Paste Wax


Developed from a West German process called Synthesis, Finish Kare Hi-Temp Paste Wax BMW-101 is a blend of advanced pure synthetic materials.


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Finish Kare Hi-Temp Paste Wax

Developed from a West German process called Synthesis, Finish Kare Hi-Temp Paste Wax BMW-101 is a blend of advanced pure synthetic materials.

The result is a paste wax characterized by melting temps. of 250+ degrees, extreme hardness, extreme slickness, high gloss, and intensive wear without the quality fluctuations found in natural waxes.

It is fantastic for the following Marine, Aircraft & Automotive finishes:

  • Clear Coats
  • Gel Coats
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Chrom
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fiberglass

Finish Kare Hi-Temp Paste Wax BMW-101 delivers heavy duty resistance to UV, hard water, acid rain, bug spatter, tree sap etc while creating a customer appearance. Excellent for use on all automotive paint, gel coat and metal surfaces including critical aircraft surfaces.



Apply BWM 101 with a clean & soft cloth onto an already clean surface in an overlapping circular pattern for a uniform film. Allow to dry and wipe off residue with a soft cloth. Then buff to a bright, hard, slick and protective finish.

about Finish Kare


Finish Kare was founded in 1964 by Floyd Meguiar, after he left the family business. Preceded by an already-rich history in car care, Meguiar set out to develop car care products that were the best of their kind. He accomplished just that and over the last five decades Finish Kare’s premier car care products have been used to protect and restore millions of vehicles by auto professionals and auto enthusiasts alike.

Finish Kare for over 50 years have been creating effective cleaners and sealants, compounds and polishes. They have a heavy emphasis on R&D means they are continually improving old products to keep up with the changing industry. Finish Kare pride ourselves on solving our customer’s problems and providing the most efficient products for the jobs, even creating new and custom formulas for those one-of-a-kind products. Finish Kare also manufactures a premier line of Car Care Products that has been an industry favorite since 1964.

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