Fireball Iron Burn

Iron Fallout Removers

Fireball Iron Burn is a very powerful and extremely effective cleaner designed to remove unseen iron deposits from the surface.

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Fireball Iron Burn

Fireball Iron Burn is a very powerful and extremely effective cleaner designed to remove unseen iron deposits from the surface. Iron burn completely exfoliates the surface using a high-tech color changing formula allowing a better bonding topcoat that allows coatings to adhere to the surface properly. Without removing iron contaminants, the coatings will not be able to fully adhere to the surface and will likely cause premature failure.

  • Prevents surface oxidation and corrosion
  • Safe to use on paint, glass, wheels, rims, vinyl, film, and plastics
  • Simple spray-on and wash-off solution
  • Unique banana scent
  • Powerful iron-contamination removal
  • Fast-acting
  • Ensures maximum performance of nanoceramics

When applied to a vehicle, the clear, acid-free, pH-balanced solution will turn purple upon contact as it chemically dissolves the contamination without any scrubbing or abrasive contact. Fireball Iron burn has a unique, less potent banana scent unlike most iron-neutralizing products.

  • Shake well before using the product. 
  • Apply  to a clean, cool surface, out of the sun, at ambient temperature. 
  • Spray evenly on the surface and watch the contaminants melt away. 
  • Thoroughly rinse off with high-pressure water within 2 minutes of application. 
  • Do not let Iron Burn dry. 
  • Full spray down uses ~250ml per vehicle, depending on contamination. 
  • Can also be diluted up to 1:3.
about Fireball

image_desc Fireball are a range of products designed for everyday car care as well as for professional purposes. High quality materials used in manufacturing and the implementation of nanotechnology make the products second to none.

Manufactured in South Korea, Fireball Car Care & Detailing Products are renown for their use of advanced silicon dioxide (SiO2) technology and extreme hydrophobic properties.

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