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Poorboys Black Hole

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Poorboys Black Hole

Poorboys Black Hole Glaze is formulated exclusively for dark coloured vehicles. The Black Hole glaze cleans and fills light swirl marks to leave a brilliant, glossy, slick show car shine behind.

Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze can be applied any time to hide minor imperfections and to enhance gloss on black, red, and all dark colour cars

Swirls can be more noticeable when they’re filled with grime, so this special formula lifts out dirt and then fills in swirls with glaze. In just one quick step, your vehicle will be swirl-free, incredibly glossy, and slick.

If your vehicle has more severe swirls and scratches, use Poorboys Super Swirl Removers to perfect the paint. Then apply Poorboys BlackHole Show Glaze for to improve the final gloss.

16oz or 32oz


Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze is a wipe on, wipe off product.

Spread it with a soft, clean foam applicator. If applying by machine, start your polisher at a low speed and work until a shine begins to appear.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Poorboys Black Hole - Average Rating

Poorboys Black Hole has an average 5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings ( 17 user reviews).

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Overall Poorboys Black Hole has an average  5 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.

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This in one of those products I wished I `d tried sooner!
So easy to use, on/off is a breeze.
Looks amazing, really added some extra gloss.

I`ve used a few glazes over the years and this is the one that impressed me the most.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Neil on  - rated 5 stars

Really nice product to use, especially as you can use it in sunlight too. Works nicely on my dark blue car.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Mr B on  - rated 5 stars

Really nice product to apply and remove, doesn't dry off too quickly even in fairly bright light. Gives a nice inky shine to dark paint.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Ben on  - rated 5 stars

Time to stock up on Black Hole again! This is a fantastic glaze, and one that hides light swirls a treat. Very easy to apply, it spreads very well and is great applied in direct sun to a hot panel too. Buffs off to a flawless finish, ready to accept wax. A bottle lasts a long time too, I had my previous bottle 3 years,and it's not quite empty yet.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  beko1987 on  - rated 5 stars

obviously the first thing to know is that this isn't a polish - its a glaze, so my cleaning goes polish - Glaze - wax. and it just gives such a deep wet shine - my mates don't understand how I get such a shiny car! well this is the secret

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  brilliant glaze on  - rated 5 stars

Does exactly what it sez on the bottle works wonders

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Stumpy on  - rated 5 stars

Amazing stuff!
Used this on a black car to remove swirls and minor holograms. Leaves an amazing finish and a dream to apply and buff off..... Love it. Apply your favourite wax to finish.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Rob on  - rated 5 stars

wonderful glaze ,,,brilliant on dark colours .makes a remarkable difference

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  punit k on  - rated 5 stars

This is such an easy to use product, it is quick to apply and quick to remove. It leaves a lovely finish. If you detail after the paintwork really pops. It's fantastic.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Black hole Polish on  - rated 5 stars

I tried this product as a base coat and paintwork correction on my black Alfa 159. It was very effective at swirl removal and gave a deep gloss that hid allot of imperfections well.

Will definitely be keeping this one as a pre-sealant treatment!

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Jay on  - rated 5 stars

Heard and read great reviews about 'Blackhole' and managed to use for the first time at the weekend. WOW! I have a black car and have managed to get some good shine and reflections using other polishes/glazes but after using this and topped up with a good wax the results are fantastic. Managed to fill some slight swirling and minor scratches. At the minute I polish by hand, can imagine that us a DA the finish would be amazing.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Justin on  - rated 5 stars

Used this product for the first time last weekend and to say i was impressed would be an understatement. This product is just brilliant on black cars. It brought my paintwork back to life.

After using this i got a few comments about how shinny my car looked. I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about buying it.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Josh on  - rated 5 stars

I think this polish will be a great partner for a machine polisher, when applied by hand the results, while good, are not stunning. I have used it to polish out the fingernail scratches under the door handles in my astral black Rav4, which had some significant improvement.

I'll reserve judgement on the product until I have done some more aggressive paint correction.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Aleman on  - rated 3.5 stars

I used this on a metallic dark red car with excellent results. It much reduced the visibility of swirl marks, and left a very shiny finish. The metallic aspect of the paintwork was enhanced, and looked excellent in the sunshine. It was also a very easy product to use.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Richard on  - rated 5 stars

Great product for use on dark cars (dark blue in my case), great for taking out small surface marks - scrathes, swirls etc. Well worth the few £ asking price. Really good product.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  Alan on  - rated 5 stars

I machine polished my Black Passat, cleaned it up then covered half the bonnet with Poorboys Black Hole and the difference was amazing.
The Poorboys side was "deep" black where the other side was a lighter shade of black.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  craig245t on  - rated 5 stars

Having used this with my buffer it leaves a brilliant swirl free finish on black cars. Amazing polish.

Poorboys Black Hole reviewed by  daz on  - rated 5 stars


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