Gtechniq HALOv2 Film Coating

Paint Sealants

By utilising the latest in weatherproof composite siloxane technology Gtechniq HALOv2 enhances the performance of Paint Protection Film (PPF) and vinyl.

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Gtechniq HALOv2 Film Coating

By utilising the latest in weatherproof composite siloxane technology Gtechniq HALOv2 enhances the performance of Paint Protection Film (PPF) and vinyl. It’s a chemically bonding, ultra-dense flexible film that becomes the permanent surface of the film – protecting it from the elements a car faces on a daily basis. The density of the coating and its low surface energy improve dirt and water repellency of PPF or vinyl. It also helps to prevent staining from dirt ingress and reduce yellowing caused by UV rays.

  • Lasts up to two years on PPF and vinyl
  • Makes the surface easier to maintain
  • Suitable for gloss, satin and matte finishes
  • Single layer application

A key component of the Gtechniq HALOv2 is that it now only requires one layer of product to be applied, rather than the previous version which required two layers, saving time, effort and making maintenance a breeze.

The box contains:

  • 30ml or 50ml HALO Flexible Film Coating
  • A pair of nitrile gloves
  • AP2 Ultra Soft Foam Filled Applicator
  • Master Instruction Leaflet
  • Gtechniq window sticker

Overall, Gtechniq HALO keeps the PPF looking in a much better condition and makes it much easier for people to keep their car clean following PPF/ vinyl application.

Rigorous real-world and laboratory testing has proven Gtechniq HALO to be compatible with all types of gloss, matte, and satin vinyl and PPF. It is also proven to work on the latest self-healing and pre-treated hydrophobic films.

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about Gtechniq

image_desc The Gtechniq brand aims to produce the most innovative surface care products in the world following the discovery that other so called ‘long-life’ aftermarket coatings simply did not come anywhere close to their marketing claims.

If you want the best protection for your car, boat, aeroplane or home, then look no further. Gtechniq bridges the gap between innovation and reality, engineering the world’s best surface care products.

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