Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel

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Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel is a unique gel that stop tyres turning brown and keeps them black for weeks, even through bad winter weather.

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15 reviews
4.9/5.0 Average Rating

Long lasting, and simple to apply. Leaves a deep black shine that lasts a while.

Review by kausik das, rated

Makes tyres shine like new after two applications. Easy to apply, and using an applicator there is no overspill or drips. Clean finish and economical, unlike some liquid finishes.

Review by John, rated

Love it! A little goes a long way and leaves your tyres looking amazing. Looks really shiny after initial application but it does settle down to leave a lovely finish.

Review by Rob Armstrong, rated

First time using this product for tyres. The gel goes a long way. The tyres came up like new. Add an extra coat if you want shiny gloss effect tyre walls, otherwise, one coat will suffice. Recommended product.

Review by Keith, rated

Superb product - easy to apply, long lasting and really finishes the car off. An essential purchase!

Review by TJRD, rated

Excellent store, delivered very fast. Product of great quality, highly recommend.

Review by mirlene, rated

Great product. Easy to use, long lasting.

Review by eeddiinn, rated

A must have.Very easy to use.Good value.Does what it says.

Review by D, rated

Easy to use and gives a good shine to the tyres like showroom condition

Review by Meguiars High gloss tyre gel, rated

Easy to use... does what its supposed to do.

Review by Pete, rated

Pro's - quite long lasting, deep wet look shine
Cons - messy to apply, unless completely dry will pick up lots of dirt and grit due to its sticky nature

Review by SH, rated

Great product.
Very easy to apply & gives a long lasting, deep glossy shine to your tyres.
Highly recommended.

Review by Phil C., rated

Great stuff! Lasts a long time, gives a really good shine. Makes the tyres look like new!

Review by Tom, rated

Borrowed this from a mate tried it out and it last 4 months brilliant stuff great buy
You don't even have to use a massive amount to get a good finish!

Review by Jack, rated

Applied this 2 weeks ago and even now the tyres still have a little shine left.

Review by craig, rated

Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel

Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel is a unique gel that stop tyres turning brown and keeps them black for weeks, even through bad winter weather. Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre gel is one of our favourite tyre gels returning a deep gloss to even the most faded of tyres. It is also very simple to apply using any foam applicator pad.

  • Tyres stay black with a rich, high gloss.
  • Less mess with no overspray, no drips and no more stained driveways.
  • Saves money by lasting longer.
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image_desc From the USA and Australia to France and even China. Meguiar’s is now a worldwide brand with headquarters located in all the major countries including the UK. But despite this huge growth, Meguiar’s have never lost track of their core values – providing a high-quality, affordable product available to ALL can enthusiasts! Hugely proud of the fact to have such a strong following from all types of car enthusiasts, especially those modified and custom creations.

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