Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt

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Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt is made to pamper your paintwork and is brilliant on sensitive finishes. 

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17 reviews
4.9/5.0 Average Rating

Nice quality mitt. The lambswool really does the job well.

Review by MRA Detailing, rated

For cleaning and drying I've mostly just rinsed it off after use and left it to air dry, it has however been in the washer on occasion and sticking it in on a gentle cycle with no conditioner has proved fine

Review by Milos, rated

A nice quality real lambs wool mit perfect for washing your pride and joy. What's more this is the best price ive seen it advertised anywhere

Review by Dave.C60, rated

Very good glove, glides well under the paint, leaves the perfect finish.

Review by mirlene, rated

exellent glove and good absorption of water and shampoo. Its softness prevents scratches on the paint.

Review by Fabio Paes, rated

This wash mitt stands out from other wash mitts!

The lambswool is so soft and lifts the dirt away from the paint.

Review by Sibbi, rated

This is my first lambswool mitt and i've been very impressed. It lifts the dirt while being kind to my car. It holds loads of water and is easy to rinse and clean. Buy one!

Review by Smartdetail, rated

For years I have used a sponge, but after reading some positive reviews gave the lambswool mitt a try. I am now a convert. Much easier to use, no chance of dropping it on the drive (which is easy to do with a sponge) and you can "feel" the surface you are cleaning. I use it on my car and motorcycles. I also have a microfiber mitt, which is useful for wheels. Will most likely buy one or two additional lambswool mitts.

Review by Quorum, rated

As a confirmed 2 Sponge and 2 Bucket washer, I bought one of these to see what the fuss was.

It's a great product holding a lot of water and gliding over the surface well, much better than my sponges TBH. I need to buy another one, and consign my sponges to washing the wheels.

Review by Aleman, rated

Good quality wash mitt at a reasonable price!

Review by Kelv, rated

Just glides over the paintwork for a safe and easy wash.

Review by NB, rated

Been using sponges for years - this is fantastic. So soft and easy to use.

Review by DaveP, rated

This is what you really need.
Superior quality from Meguiars!

Big theanks to for shipping aborad too !

Review by Stephan, rated

Great so soft on the paint work

Review by Kev, rated

Great Mitt part of my car clean kit now no more sponge for me.

Review by E Brennan, rated

Best wash mitt i have used. Super soft deep wool that grabs alot of dirt of the car.

Review by Graham pope, rated

Had about 3 of these in the past and just bought another, they last a long time and have a deep pile. I use 1 for the lower dirtier parts of the car and another separate one for the paint work. Worth it

Review by Finn, rated

Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt

Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt is made to pamper your paintwork and is brilliant on sensitive finishes. All the detailing experts consistently say that the gentle washing action of genuine Lambswool is better than sponges and conventional wash mitts in helping to prevent swirl marks. One unique feature of the Meguiars Wash Mitt is that on the reverse side there is a special, non-abrasive bug remover.

  • Soft and gentle lambs wool
  • Reduces the risk of scratching and is clear coat safe 
  • Unique reverse side bug remover
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