Meguiars Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

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Meguiars Ultimate Wheel Cleaner delivers the most powerful cleaning performance that is safe for all wheel finishes!

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Straightforward to use, but keep your hose handy to wash off thoroughly. Use a small brush to get into wheel edges

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Meguiars Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

Meguiars Ultimate Wheel Cleaner delivers the most powerful cleaning performance that is safe for all wheel finishes! This advanced chemistry blends road grime attacking surfactants with active brake dust dissolving agents.

The deep-cleaning gel formula turns brake dust purple and road grime brown as it gently loosens stubborn contaminants. And since it’s acid-free and pH balanced this wheel cleaner is safe and effective for all wheel finishes and painted brake components.

  • Active gel dissolves brake dust
  • Quickly dissolves heavy brake dust
  • Acid free, safe on all wheels
  • Tough on road grime and dirt

Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner contains a unique blend of cleaning agents not only targets brake dust but also powerfully removes road dirt and grime from your wheels, and most importantly it does it completely safely. Our pH balanced formula means Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner can be used on all wheels from polished aluminium to wire wheels, it's completely safe to use.

  • Simply spray the gel formula on to your wheels
  • Allow the Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner to react with the brake dust, dirt and grime turning it a deep purple colour.
  • Then spray off with a strong stream of water or jet wash to reveal a clean wheel. Easy.
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image_desc From the USA and Australia to France and even China. Meguiar’s is now a worldwide brand with headquarters located in all the major countries including the UK. But despite this huge growth, Meguiar’s have never lost track of their core values – providing a high-quality, affordable product available to ALL can enthusiasts! Hugely proud of the fact to have such a strong following from all types of car enthusiasts, especially those modified and custom creations.

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