Menzerna Final Finish 3800 PO 85RD

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Menzerna Final Finish 3800 previously known as SF4500 Super Finish this is an ultra fine finishing polish designed to leave paint with the highest levels of gloss possible for a show car finish.

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Excellent product!

Review by Guy, rated

After doing the cut and polish this is a great jewelling polish to really finish things off nicely. Great if you are a perfectionist - most of you will probably skip this step though.

Review by sgq89, rated

The finish this gives is fantastic, I've used it with a black hex pad and a black microfibere pad on a DA and the same micro pad on a rotary to test it and I think the black microfibre on a rotary works best. I'll say it again, the finish this gives is fantastic. 5 out of 5

Review by Shiny Happy Cars, rated

this stuff is awesome finishes down perfect love it

Review by lee, rated

Menzerna Final Finish 3800 PO 85RD

Menzerna Final Finish 3800 (PO 85RD) previously known as SF4500 Super Finish this is an ultra fine finishing polish designed to leave paint with the highest levels of gloss possible for a show car finish. Menzerna Final Finish 3800 is a versatile finishing compound for all types of original and repair car paint. Menzerna Final Finish 3800 eliminates polishing marks as well as grit 3000 sanding marks and guarantees perfect mirror finish. Menzerna Final Finish is made with a very finely ground abrasive powder that leaves no marring or surface haze. It will eliminate compounding marks and prepare the paint for wax or sealant.

  • Professional grade polish that will deliver stunning results.
  • Bodyshop safe formula contains no fillers, silicones, waxes or glazes.
  • Easy to apply and remove with less dust.

Like the Menzerna Medium Cut & Polish this was developed my Menzerna for the new breed of Scratch Resistant Coatings which are being introduced by many of the major paint manufacturers. It contains super fine uniform micro polishing grains to safely and effectively remove very fine 3000 grit marks from paint such as holograming and marring from more abrasive compounds. As such this is in our opinion the finest finishing polish there is, it leaves paint with so much depth and a mirror like gloss it's sometimes hard to believe.

For both professionals and enthusiasts that strive for perfection this is a must have product. Technical Specification:

  • Cut: 2/10
  • Gloss: 10+/10
  • Water based
  • Suitable for use with DA, rotary or by hand
  • Suitable for all types of paint finish
  • Free of silicones and fillers
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