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Nanolex Nano One is a water-based sealant that simultaneously cleanses, rejuvenates and protects automotive paint. 

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Nano One is an excellent water-based sealant that gives great protection and ease of application. It is a simple to use, long-lasting water-based sealant that delivers exceptional protection and spectacular gloss.

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Nanolex Nano One

Nanolex Nano One is a water-based sealant that simultaneously cleanses, rejuvenates and protects automotive paint. Developed and manufactured in Germany, Nanolex Nano One is a creamy, viscous composition based on abrasives and nano-scaled wax. Nanolex Nano One refreshes weathered paint finishes and removes micro scratches - in addition to this, an ultra thin, surface bonding wax-hybrid coating layer is simultaneously applied to the treated surface. All this is provided in a one step application.

  • Simple one-step application.
  • Adds gloss and improves hydrophobicity
  • Treated surfaces become easier to clean

As a result, treated surfaces are much more reflective, very hydrophobic and therefore easy to clean. Washing is much easier and less time consuming and the overall effort to maintain a flawless finish is heavily reduced by using Nanolex Nano One.

  • All in one type of product for all painted surfaces
  • Can be used by hand or by machine
  • Contains little abrasives, removes slight imperfections when used by machine
  • Requires no experience when used by hand and little experience when used by machine
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image_desc Nanolex Car Care was founded in Mandelbachtal, Germany, in 2007 with the idea of producing an effective range of car care products of outstanding quality, for both the enthusiast and professional customer alike, with worldwide availability. We believe in the importance of being a reliable source for chemicals and related knowledge and we strive to achieve this with constant researching, developing and optimizing our portfolio.

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