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Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish

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Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish (BF-210) is a remarkable finishing polish with a built-in glaze for the ultimate 'wet-look'. It visually reduces swirl marks while creating a deep gloss. It removes old waxes and sealants and cleans the paint's surface to prep it for a shiny coat of wax or paint sealant. Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish is best used before your last step protection.

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish is a non-abrasive polish, and glaze combination. It wets the surface to create the illusion of the paint being under water. Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish helps hide minor swirls and scratches without removing any paint or clear coat. It 'rounds-over' the leading edge of minor swirls which robs sunlight of a sharp edge to cause a reflection. While this visually reduces swirls, it does not remove them. This is a great product to use on a vehicle in good condition with very few swirls.

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish is designed for enthusiasts desiring the deepest, wettest gloss and is best used under Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection. The combination of Gloss Enhancing Polish and Wet Diamond creates a liquid-like wetness that looks like you could reach into the finish. This combination is especially stunning on black, red and dark colors but still shimmers on white, grey and silver finishes.

Use Gloss Enhancing Polish to remove old wax, clean the top paint surface, visually reduce swirls and deepen the paint's gloss prior to wax or sealant application.

  • Removes old wax or sealants.
  • Hides minor swirls and water spots.
  • Beautifies all colours.
  • Prepares paint for fresh wax or sealant.

473ml / 16oz


Please refer to the manufacturers instructions before using the Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish.


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Overall Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish has an average  5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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Amazing product and easy to use.

The shine is amazing, especially on blue cars.
It's easy to apply and more importantly easy to buff off.
It you want good results fast this is the product to use.

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish reviewed by  Phil on  - rated 5 stars

Excellent before applying the sealant .I recommend 2 coats before lsp

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish reviewed by  Alex S on  - rated 5 stars

It's my second pot. Really clean the old LSP and hides minor scratches, and leave a great shine, recommend.

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish reviewed by  Hoffmann on  - rated 5 stars

GEP is a top class product; it has minimal fill and should be used after correction/refining. Do not bother IPA’ing afterwards, as it will only remove the benefits of GEP. In my eyes, it is best used on dark coloured cars especially blacks. Use GEP first, then BF’s AFPP then finish up with BF’s Midnight Sun Paste Wax; you’ll be amazed at the finish!

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish reviewed by  Matt @ AML on  - rated 5 stars