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Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer

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Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer

Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer (WG-2000) is a prewax cleanser removes old waxes and sealants, light oxidation, and paint contamination to reveal deep color and gloss. Once you apply a wax or paint sealant, it will enhance the smooth, clean paint created by Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer.

Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer is truly in a class of its own. Most car polishes get their shine-power from potent VOC solvents. These are not exactly kind to paintwork. Our Paintwork Polish Enhancer is a mild oil-in-water emulsion. This prewax cleansing lotion will not dull or dry the paint, even with dedicated use. Wolfgang’s gentle, water-based formula is ideal to use on expensive finishes and antique, collectible, and show cars.

Use Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer before using Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 or Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax for the first time to promote better bonding a a deeper shine. As needed, use Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer prior to wax or sealant application to rid the paint of wax build-up and contamination.

16 oz / 473 ml


Hand Application: Apply a 10 pence-size amount to a clean terry or microfibre pad. (This amount should be sufficient for half the bonnet or an entire wing.) Working on a small area, massage the polish across the surface several times. Allow a slight haze to appear. Use a clean terry cloth or microfibre cloth to buff the surface to a sparkle.

Machine Application: Apply a thin line of polish around the perimeter of a dry foam pad. Work with areas of about three square feet (half the size of a bonnet) at a low speed until product almost dries to a film. You will need to make several passes. Allow Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer to dry completely. Use a microfibre or terry to buff off the haze. Or, manually buff away the film with a clean terry cloth or a microfibre cloth. Note: This product is not designed for use with a high speed orbital.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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one of the best pre wax cleanser that is very gentle on paint ....even cud work in with closed eyes .....leaves a beautiful finish when prepped ..... must try !

Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer reviewed by  punit k on  - rated 5 stars

Super pre wax polish top with a wax leaves stunning finish

Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer reviewed by  Alex s on  - rated 5 stars