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Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml

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Wolfs Chemicals
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Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Super Nano Sealant (WP-ONP) is a new sealant and is also scratch resistant to provide long-term protection against UV damage, dirt and other harmful contaminants on all painted surfaces.

Wolfs Hard Body has a very strong chemical composition that will help prevent light scratches and swirls incurred during washing.

  • Durability of up to 24 months
  • Ideal for softer paints
  • We recommend using nano shampoo to take care of it
  • As easy to apply as Body Wrap but even more hydrophobic, and can be put on top of Body Wrap
  • Wolfs Chemicals ideally recommend preparing the surface with Shine and Seal
  • Wolfs Hard Body can be layered

Wolfs Hard Body

Please see the video below showing a significant difference between the untreated side of the car bonnet and a side treated with Hard Body Super Nano Sealant.

150ml Wolfs Hard Body


For best results, we would recommend cleaning the surface with Wolf's Shine & Seal nano polish.

With a clean cotton pad, evenly apply a thin layer of Hard Body to the surface with overlapping circular motions. Allow to dry for 15 minutes and remove residue with a microfibre towel.

To ensure 100% coverage and for added protection and shine, a second layer is recommended and after a minimum of 3 hours curing time.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml - Average Rating

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml has an average 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings ( 8 user reviews).

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Overall Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml has an average  5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

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Excellent sealant, very easy to apply and remove! Recommend the application of his or three layers at intervals of 30 minutes, a glow propociona pretty wet. I did not dare to test their strength with respect to minor knocks from rocks and other objects.

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml reviewed by  Manuel Sampaio on  - rated 5 stars

WC's Hard Body is 1 of it's kind sealant. The paint feels so smooth & water beading is incredible! The water beads just rolls off the paint while you drive. It's so easy to dry the car after a heavy downpour.

I'm from Singapore & December here is rainy season. It rains almost everyday! Thank god i got the Hard Body as cleaning the car after raining is so much easier as water & dirt juz fall off the paint when u spray with water! & it's the easiest sealant i've ever used! Easy on easy off! Thumbs up for Wolf's Chemical Hard Body! Worth every penny!

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml reviewed by  Ron on  - rated 5 stars

This has got to be the number one product of 2012; Hard Body is extremely easy to apply (compared to some “Nano” type products), amps up the gloss level of the surface and provides outstanding protection. The water behaviour of the product must be seen to be believed as both sheeting and beading are very pleasing. Apply two coats (leaving 3 hours between coats) for even coverage over WC’s Shine & Seal on any panel and realistically, you’ll see at least 6 to 8 months of protection. 12 months is quoted durability, but I think you’ll be very lucky to see that under normal driving circumstances. I’ve used this product more than any other on the vehicles I have detailed; and now is the best time to apply for solid winter protection.

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml reviewed by  Matt @ AML on  - rated 5 stars

This is an amazing product,so easy to use,and the shine is superb.Beading and sheeting is also fantastic.

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml reviewed by  toni on  - rated 5 stars

Wolfs Hard Body is a tough paint sealant so far... Very pleased in the short term results i've seen.

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml reviewed by  H Jones on  - rated 5 stars

Easy to apply with a great beading affect. Good protection offered at a fantastic price.

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml reviewed by  Carlos on  - rated 5 stars

Easy to apply and use, nice beading affects hopeful that the scratch resistance is also as good.

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml reviewed by  Sach on  - rated 5 stars

Was really looking forward to getting this based on the info coming from Detailing World. Finally got it and applied it over the weekend well please with the Hard Body results.

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body Nano Sealant 150ml reviewed by  Benjy on  - rated 5 stars


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