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Meguiars Solo 7" Wool Heavy Cutting Pad

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Meguiars Solo 7" Wool Heavy Cutting Pad

Meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad (WWHC7) is made from 100% wool, the Meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad has a 1" twisted fibres which offer safe, fast cutting for effective removal of sanding marks and defects. The flat pad design allows for a larger than usual cutting area compared to curved wool pads, to reduce buffing time.

The Solo System wool pads specifically designed to work with the Cut & Polish Cream and the W66 "Easy Buff" Backing Plate. Meguiars Solo 7 inch Wool Heavy Cutting Pad is flat vs. what could be described as a "dish pad", like the shape of many wool pads. The flat pad design expands the cutting area to reduce buffing time compared to curved wool pads. When used with the W66 Easy Buff backing plate, the user can use Meguiars flat wool pad to buff up to the edge of panels and actually "feel" where the edge of the pad is while keeping the pad flat to the surface. With curved pads, the user is often tempted to tip the pad or buff passed the edge of the panel in order to buff in this sensitive area.

Meguiars Solo 7 inch Wool Heavy Cutting Pad has a 1 inch pile length. Most wool pads in the industry are 1.5 inch or longer. The longer length is not needed for defect removal capability but exists to provide the user with a soft cushioned buffing feel and to provide a safety against "burning edges." Meguiar’s 1 inch pile removes defects more effectively while the W66 backing plate provides the cushioning needed for safer buffing.

  • For use with rotary polishers only
  • 100% wool pad with 1" twisted fibres for faster cutting
  • Flat pad design expands cutting area to reduce buffing time
  • Effective removal of sanding marks & defects
  • Colour coded buffing pad, burgundy for "heavy cutting"
  • Wool provides greater cut & runs cooler than foam


Please refer to the manufacturers instructions before using the Meguiars Solo 7" Wool Heavy Cutting Pad.


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Meguiars Solo 7" Wool Heavy Cutting Pad

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