Poorboys Iron Remover

Iron Fallout Removers

Poorboys Iron Remover breaks up, dissolves and removes ferrous metallic iron particle contamination caused by rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. 

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Poorboys Iron Remover

Poorboys Iron Remover breaks up, dissolves and removes ferrous metallic iron particle contamination caused by rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. Iron Remover from Poorboy's World may be used on all exterior painted surfaces, wheels, plastic and chrome.

Although Iron Remover contains no dyes, a chemical reaction that produces a colour change occurs as it is breaking up, loosening and dissolving ferrous metals.

  • It is less aggressive than traditional acidic wheel cleaners, yet just as effective
  • Its powerful formulation dissolves all iron contamination including harmful brake dust upon contact.
  • Reduces the need to agitate treated surfaces due to its unique viscous formulation and superior dwell time

An innovative colour change mechanism from clear to red indicates when the iron particles have been neutralised and can be safely rinsed away Poorboys World Iron Remover is a chemical paint decontaminator used exterior painted surfaces, glass, wheels, and chrome pieces to remove ferrous metallic iron particles caused by rail dust, brake dust, and industrial fallout.

Shining and glossy paint starts with a perfect surface that can only be achieved by fully cleaning and decontaminating your vehicle Poorboys World Iron Remover will get you there fast

about Poorboys

image_desc Poorboys pride themselves on providing car enthusiasts and professional detailers with high quality, easy-to-use detailing products at affordable prices. They are renowned for their brightly-coloured bottles and beautiful scents. Poorboys products smell as good as they perform, with scents ranging from sun cream lotion to bubblegum.

Poorboy’s World products are made in the USA. Their range is user-friendly, and creates fast results and an amazing shine. In addition, all our products can be used in sun or shade.

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