Poorboys SSR 2.0 Super Swirl Remover

Medium Cut Polishes

Poorboys SSR 2.0 can be used by hand or a polishing machine and is ideal for detailers and enthusiasts. 

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SSR 2 gives impressive medium cut results, easy application, and good final results

Review by Max, rated

This product is excellent. It is real easy to use when applied with a microfibre, doing a good job of removing surface swirl marks and giving the paint a great shine. It leaves a perfect finish ready for waxing

Review by Smartdetail, rated

i received this today and i decided that i will try it out i couldnt believe the results i bought as a tester but i will be purchasing more of this, everyone who wants to be serious about car care buy this product.

Review by conall M, rated

Poorboys SSR 2.0 Super Swirl Remover

Poorboys SSR 2.0 can be used by hand or a polishing machine and is ideal for detailers and enthusiasts. SSR 2 is ideal for removing medium swirls, fine scratches, oxidation and overspray from all finishes. Poorboys SSR 2 works perfectly on all paint and clear coat finishes and on vehicles of all ages adding slightly more abrasives and cleaners than SSR 1 but it won’t add new scratches as it gently removes existing ones.

  • SSR 2 is medium-fine, liquid glaze to remove swirls, oxidized pigment, acid rain marks, swirls and fine scratches while restoring luster and shine to either clear coat or pigmented paint.
  • May be applied by hand or a slow speed machine in either sun or shade.
  • Does not contain any wax or silicone.
  • Follow immediately with a coat of quality wax or polymer sealant.
  • Simply apply a small amount of Poorboys SSR 2 to the paints surface or around a foam pad.
  • Then spread SSR 2 over a small section before starting up your polishing machine.
  • At this point polish using light pressure and continue until SSR 2 starts to dust slightly and then buff this and any excess off with a quality microfibre cloth.
about Poorboys

image_desc Poorboys pride themselves on providing car enthusiasts and professional detailers with high quality, easy-to-use detailing products at affordable prices. They are renowned for their brightly-coloured bottles and beautiful scents. Poorboys products smell as good as they perform, with scents ranging from sun cream lotion to bubblegum.

Poorboy’s World products are made in the USA. Their range is user-friendly, and creates fast results and an amazing shine. In addition, all our products can be used in sun or shade.

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