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Blackfire Crystal Seal

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Blackfire Crystal Seal

Blackfire Crystal Seal (BF-950-8) is a paint sealant coating that offers incredible protection and longevity for all paint finishes, plastics, glass, and metals. Just drops of this clear liquid produces a tough barrier over auto surfaces that resists contamination, moisture, and UV rays.

Blackfire Crystal Seal is in its own class of paint protection. Its protective properties are like a sealant but better. As soon as Crystal Seal touches the paint, it begins cross-linking to armor your vehicle. This micro-thin coating locks out the elements to keep auto surfaces looking like new. The coating is crystal clear, allowing the true beauty of paintwork, metal, glass, and plastics to show through. Blackfire Crystal Seal is an excellent value for car detailers. Four ounces of Crystal Seal treats up to 40 vehicles.

  • Advanced polymer film outlasts other spray sealants.
  • Protects paint, glass, metals, and hard plastics from dirt, oil, UV rays, and moisture.
  • Dries crystal clear and streak-free.
  • Requires no buffing.
  • Extremely concentrated

236ml / 8oz


  • Use very little Blackfire Crystal Seal. Always use a clean, soft applicator to spread Crystal Seal over your vehicle.
  • Mist the applicator once to prime it. Then mist each panel once and spread Crystal Seal evenly in straight line motions.
  • Do not buff or wipe off Crystal Seal.
  • Use this same method to apply Crystal Seal to paint, glass, metals, and hard plastics.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Overall Blackfire Crystal Seal has an average  5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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Perfect on headlights and glass.Amazing shine etc

Blackfire Crystal Seal reviewed by  Alex s on  - rated 5 stars

Easiest sealant I've used.

spray on, wipe just to move it around and that's it! The first time I used it was on a Toyota Hilux and I sealed the whole thing inc. body, glass and wheels n just under 15 minutes without rushing at all.

If time isn't on your side or you want a great look and good protection with the least effort hit the buy button now!

Leaves a stunning finish on light coloured cars and smells great in use and can be used on bodywork, wheels and glass.

On the downside the beading isn't the best but the sheeting is good. Also I got terrible wiper juddering when I foolishly used it on the windscreen but it's really good on side glass.

Blackfire Crystal Seal reviewed by  Rayner on  - rated 5 stars

A stunning simple easy to use whiplash effect in under 11 minutes. Use the correct applicator and mist it once for each panel of the car,spread well and walk away.Once this settles in it will leave a stunning high gloss possibly the highest gloss you will ever get.
This is my no1 last stage product and i keep coming back as ive not found anything on the market to replace its finish.

Blackfire Crystal Seal reviewed by  kevjduncan on  - rated 5 stars