Soft99 Fusso F7 Sealant

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Soft99 Fusso F7 is the new Fusso F7, an alternative product to Fusso coat dedicated to those who pursuit an easier application. 

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Soft99 Fusso F7 Sealant

Soft99 Fusso F7 is the new Fusso F7, an alternative product to Fusso coat dedicated to those who pursuit an easier application. It works just as well on Dark or Light coloured paints.

  • Includes 2 application sponges
  • Easy to apply
  • 7 months protection

Soft99 Fusso F7 contains fluorine-based resin ,'PTFE', will create an incredible barrier against harmful substances for up to 7 months.

The newly formulated TSI effect develops an impermeable coating on the surface that remains for far longer than conventional products. Our state-of-the-art 'WARP' technology is able to achieve a quick and easy coating without uneven bumps left behind. The hidden gems of the Silicon-based resin are the water repelling and incorruptible agents that this product exploits. As well as its long lasting powers, the rate of deterioration is significantly lower than conventional products.

  • Please rinse and wash car to remove dirt and sand.
  • Put Soft99 Fusso F7 onto yellow side of supplied pads.
  • Apply Soft99 Fusso F7 in up-down then left-right motion.
  • Let it dry for 10-15 mins and buff it off with a clean microfibers cloth.
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image_desc Soft99 is a legendary Japanese brand of car care products present on the market for over 65 years. Over the decades, the company has designed solutions that meet not only the current needs, but also respond to the challenges of tomorrow, setting trends in the world of detailing and vehicle care.

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