Tyre Dressing Foam Applicator

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Great inexpensive tool designed to quickly and easily apply tyre dressing in a lint free way without mess.

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14 reviews
4.6/5.0 Average Rating

ussually i use a paint brush before i use this kind of pad exist!

way easier to use!

Review by Alfie Detailing, rated

I use a wax-like tyre dressing, so these are perhaps a little soft. Nonetheless, they do an excellent job and with the low profile tyres on my car, they are the perfect size when cut in half.

Review by J Mac, rated

For the money it is a good tyre gel applicator, so don't expect highest of quality.

Easy to use tho and good coverage, the handle could do with being a bit stiffer, but does a ample job.

Review by Mark, rated

Handy bit of kit which I find better for doing trims as it has a nice clean cut edge

Review by Smithy225, rated

Cheap enough but not really fit for purpose to be honest. Sponge is to soft and distorts far to easily. The main part you grip should also be tougher sponge. Far better option would be a curved back grout sponge cut into two...... dirt cheap too!

Review by Rob Armstrong, rated

For the price, this is a no brainer - excellent! Curved shape makes application very straight forward and ensures an even finish. Used with gel and seems to be a good combo so far.

Review by TJRD, rated

Purchased these to apply the CarPro Perl dressing. I was surprised how well these work in spreading the dressing evenly around the tyres. It even manages to get the dressing into the small gaps in the wording on the tyres. Using the tapered ends, it is easy to ensure that the groove area between the wheel rim and the tyre gets treated as well.

Overall, a very simple and effective tool with low cost an added bonus!

Review by K.Tan, rated

Very easy to use and applies tyre dressing evenly. Washes well for use on multiple occasions.

Review by Dan, rated

Well - it's very cheap so you definitely can't go wrong!

It's also very effective at applying tire gel to your tyres as these are just the right shape to cover your tyres without spilling over onto your wheels.

Review by Arvind, rated

I bought this product as more of a trail than anything else.
Can something so simple be so effective ?
Yes it can ! a small line of tyre gel across the pad and it spreads a great even coat over your tyre.
Speeds up a fairly boring process, and cheap to !

Review by Blair, rated

Ideal for applying tyre dressing without getting it on you wheels!

Review by Kelv, rated

Simple idea and quick to use. No complaints.

Review by Micky2oo2, rated

Ideal for gel dressings, minimises mess, can't complain at the price.

Review by SH, rated

Good value, makes applying easier.

Review by Tom, rated

Tyre Dressing Foam Applicator

Great inexpensive tool designed to quickly and easily apply tyre dressing in a lint free way without mess.

Provides the finish and results achieved by professional car valeters and car detailers when applying tyre dressing using a foam sponge.

The curved pad allows for even application on tyres. Easy grip slot to ensure steady pressure while applying dressing.

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