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The Valet Pro Bilberry wheel cleaner is probably the most popular and safest wheel cleaner on the market.

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26 reviews
4.9/5.0 Average Rating

Highly suggest Bilberry wheel cleaner since it easily eliminates dirt and brake dust, leaving my car's wheels sparkling clean.

Review by Silas, rated

my first time with this - and it seems much nicer to use. I use a brush to agitate and it easily removes nasty grimy corners

Review by Kirk, rated

Been using this for years...well prices, good cleaning action, very safe. My go to cleaner for alloys and tires.

Review by Jimbo, rated

Excellent stuff! I ordered this and received the 'ready to use' version (watered down). DC refunded me the difference. It is great stuff, hardly needed to touch my wheels after a good spray of this stuff.

Review by arthouse, rated

I use this along with some light agitation before washing with wheel soap and rinsing. Cleans beautifully, but perhaps not strong enough for baked on chunks of brake dust.

Review by J Mac, rated

Great product, smells good, does what it says on the tin!

Review by Nigel, rated

Good product, shifts brake dust easily and happy that this product is diluted. Will last an age!!!

Review by Steven, rated

Having just bought a car where the previous owner had taken care of wheels I decided to spend some of my unlimited free time and start detailing. Obtaining a decent finish on the alloys has always eluded me so I decided to use this and then finish off with the Poorboys wheel sealer.
When I finally hosed them down the result was far more pleasing and a final rub down with a microfibre cloth brought the best out of them.

Review by Tykebike, rated

Gets light brake dust off diluted 3 to 1 used neat and agitated it removes most stubborn satins. Needs to be washed off whilst still wet.

Review by Ray, rated

Don't dilute it too much Highly recommended though - it works well Most cost effective to buy the 5 l container

Review by PMF 20/07/15, rated

Excellent product, however, had to use it virtually diluted 50/50 and with a powerful jetwasher, otherwise you DO have to agitate it. Will certainly continue to buy this product.

Review by steve, rated

This stuff works very very well. I normally dilute 1 to 3 water and that is enough to shift most grime off my wheels. If you put it in a foam sprayer it tends to cling a lot better. Most places I still do a quick agitate with a wheel brush but not a lot needed. Highly recommended.

Review by maigrait, rated

Good cleaning power when used in a 1:1 dilution ratio. Safe on all types of alloys.
Would agree with other reviewer who said works best if used with a foaming sprayer. Smells nice too.

Review by M, rated

My favourite wheel cleaner! Works well even when diluted. Excellent cleaning power when diluted 1:3. Once I have sealed my wheels then I keep them clean by using bilberry 1:7. This shall clean them well but at the same time, not degrade the sealant on your wheels.
In fact, I have never had to use it neat!
A word of advice, I feel that much better results are achieved if the product is dispensed through a foaming trigger head :)

Review by Blingberry!, rated

Best non-acidic product Ive used to-date. I tried Wolf's Deironizer before this product which is great but I dilute Valet Pro Bilberry which has the same strength as the Deironizer, if not stronger plus will last longer as your not using the product neat. Worth every penny!

Review by Rhys, rated

Excellent safe wheel cleaner, did a good job on cleaning my cars wheels. Easy to use.

Review by Michael, rated

Had only ever used wheel cleaners available at Halfords and with very poor results. My BMW 193m alloys had previously taken me about 15 mins to thoroughly clean. They now take just minutes, and if used neat no agitation is required. A must have product.

Review by SH, rated

At last, a wheel cleaner with a plesant smell. I've used it a few times now, and the product works great although I needed to adjust the dilution rate to a stronger mix to get the best results.
I plan to seal the wheels with a polish which will make it even easier to clean next time.
Depending on how long the bottle lasts i will purchase the 5 litre next time as better value!

Review by Keith, rated

At last, a wheel cleaner that has a nice smell. That aside it works very well, although only using it a few items I may not be getting the dilution mix correct and find that I have to do a bit of scrubbing. A stronger mix I think!!
I use the Handi Hold Spray Bottle to mix in which is great also.
Next time I purchase I will buy the larger 5 litre bottle.

Review by Keith, rated

I've been using this on my wheels at a 1:3 dilution, and am amazed at how clean it gets them . . . it was fairly obvious that the car dealer I bought the car from hadn't done a thorough valet, as even sprayed on it shifted a lot of muck from inside the alloys

Cracking Product

Review by Aleman, rated

This is a great cleaner that does a top job. Even had remarks on the finished product. No smears and good on brake dust too.

Review by Jim A, rated

having used the Autoglym Alloy wheel cleaner for over 5 years i was pleasantly surprised at how much better this product is
when squirted direct onto wheels there is no need to brush
when applied to the wheels with a brush the 1 ltr bottle will last months especially when mixed with water
it also smells nice when cleaning which is a bonus

Review by Brett, rated

Best wheel cleaner I have used, hardly need to touch your wheels after applying this. Recommend this to anyone wanting an easy way to get your wheels clean!

Review by Tom, rated

Brilliant wheel cleaner removes the dust and grime
Excellent stuff better result when use a cleaning brush also!

Review by Jack, rated

I use so much of this that a 5l is good for me. lasts long time and can be diluted, works well for my needs.

Review by Vince, rated

My favourite wheel cleaner, can be well diluted or used 50:50. Easily cleans up well mucked wheels. A must use in any car cleaning process

Review by JasonB, rated

Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner

The Valet Pro Bilberry wheel cleaner is probably the most popular and safest wheel cleaner on the market. As it is completely acid free, which means that it is safe for all types of wheels. That said Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is still very effective at removing brake dust and iron filings.

  • Completely acid free
  • Effective on baked on brake dust
  • Will not strip wax or wheel sealant
  • Dilutions up to 1:10

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner also has an anti-static element to it which help reduce re-soiling by not attracting as much dirt and road grime. We cannot recommend this product enough and it smells great to making it easy to work with.

  • The Bilberry wheel cleaner can be used neat with a chemical resistant sprayer or a recommended dilution of 1:3 when you can clean wheels without touching them.
  • For heavily soiled wheels we would recommend using the product neat from the bottle with a sprayer.
  • Allow it to dwell on the wheels for about 5 mins then using a small wheel brush agitate the hard to get to areas and the front surface of the wheel. Then finally simply jet wash off.
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