Valet Pro Dragons Breath

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Valet Pro Dragons Breath works unlike other iron contamination removers as its a think gel once sprayed and so doesn't run off from where you want it working.

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Strong stuff and smelling like it does you don’t forget you have applied it. I use it diluted too for lightly soiled wheels.

Review by Wayne, rated

stinks but cleans better than anything ive ever used. goes on like a think gels and oozes red. cleaned my wheels with even touching them

Review by Marc, rated

Valet Pro Dragons Breath

Valet Pro Dragons Breath works unlike other iron contamination removers as its a think gel once sprayed and so doesn't run off from where you want it working. You can see it at work as it causes a chemical reaction that makes this clear liquid change colour to a brilliant red, proving it's working on even seemingly clean surfaces.

  • pH Neutral - Safe on all paint surfaces
  • Removes contamination from metal and painted surfaces
  • Thick liquid, increases contact time
  • Reacts with iron contaminants
  • Safe for all types of wheels

It's faster than an arrow to the knee! Valet Pro Dragon's Breath is a iron fallout and contamination remover designed to remove stubbon brake dust and environmental fallout from wheels and paint.

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