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The Valet Pro 1 inch wheel and detail brush has the main use of helping to agitate areas of the car while you detail.

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29 reviews
4.9/5.0 Average Rating

Great brush, quality is top-notch

Review by Slaven, rated

Good quality brush and cleans the hard to reach places well.

Review by Sukhy, rated

I purchased this brush to agitate the Diablo solution on my alloy wheels and it didn't disappoint . Great price & very little brush hair loss ! Great product

Review by CB, rated

Awesome for getting in those little nooks on some wheel designs. Soft but you can remove a lot with it, perfect and versatile.

Review by Matt, rated

I really like this brush for agitating snow foam around badges and window/door seals.

Review by J Mac, rated

Really good brush for the money, used on my wheels got into every little nook.

Review by Mark, rated

Does what is says, cleans wheels.
Looks like good quality, some bristles have fallen out after one wash so not sure how long it will last, but at only a few pounds not that concerned

Review by Steven, rated

Good quality brush, makes cleaning wheels much easier

Review by James, rated

Good quality brush for price, plastic surround protects wheels when agitating cleaner. would recommend.

Review by Ray, rated

Quality and very easy to work.
Required product.

Review by ohad, rated

excellent and very versatile brush

Review by drsublimecardetail, rated

exellent for cleaning corners of the wheels

Review by fabio paes, rated

This brush gets the job done and is quite a bargain for the price.

I only had one problem with it and that the bristles tended to fall off.

Review by Sibbi, rated

Tried alot of other brushes and the "higher quality" ones tend to leave bristles everywhere and last five minutes. This is nice and thick, but soft. Great VFM.

Review by Ben, rated

Handy little cheap brush that neatly did the job of cleaning bolts on my wheels. Recommended.

Review by Smartdetail, rated

I don't actually use this for the intended purpose - instead i find it BRILLIANT in combination with AutoFinesse Citrus Power for shifting stuck-on bird muck - give it a good blast with the CP and after dwelling, brush off finely, no scrubbing with a wash mitt risking scratching the paintwork. Highly recommended.

Review by sb, rated

Good detailing brush, nice soft bristles, great for cleaning hard to reach areas on alloys, as well as many other places around the car from badges to door shuts. Great product.

Review by Jack, rated

One of the best brushes I have ever used, great for washing wheels, engine and inaccessible places.

Review by danieldvk, rated

I recently purchased two of these. One for the exterior of the car, such as wheels, tyres and intricate parts. Then the other for interior purposes such as working APC into the dash and plastics, also to get dust and debris out of air vents and very small gaps.
Wonderful product and they are very well mate. Will last for ages!!

Review by Amazing brushes!, rated

Fantastic brush, i bought two of these thinking that i was going to use them up fairly quick. WRONG !

I haven't even opened the second brush yet. I use this brush a lot of leather and interior cleaning to get in all the nooks and crannies. This brush wont leave hairs all over the place, its a well constructed item !

Review by Blair, rated

Great product, good price, fast delivery. Top marks!

Review by Led, rated

fast shippinh good item

Review by good, rated

These wheel brushes are perfect for rubbing the wheel cleaner into all the little spaces like round the wheel nuts.
Great product.

Review by Ian Oak, rated

Nice safe brush for wheels, good to get to those hard to reach areas

Review by Kelv, rated

Great brush for agitating the dirt around the wheel nuts. Also works well on the interior. e.g. air vents.

Review by mike, rated

Great value brush, nice soft bristles for safe use on wheels and on paintwork. Seems to be quite hard wearing too

Review by Richard, rated

Great brush for wheels and logos!

Review by Hernán, rated

Great Brush!

Review by dimsho, rated

good inexpensive brush to agitate areas of the car including wheels, shuts and badges.

Review by Jasonn, rated

Valet Pro Wheel and Detail Brush

The Valet Pro 1 inch wheel and detail brush has the main use of helping to agitate areas of the car while you detail. For example, when a wheel cleaner (such as Bilberry) is applied a wheel brush can help agitate the surface of the alloy and get into any hard to reach areas.

The soft boar hair bristle brush designed for gently agitating surfaces. The soft bristles of the detail brush mean it is also useful when cleaning door shuts, body trim, car grills, engines and badges. We recommend using a separate brush for any areas touching paint work, but at a price so low its worth stocking with a couple free.

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image_desc ValetPRO began back in 2005 as Greg set about creating his own range of professional detailing products. Our range is still developed to create products that are reliable, cost effective and easy to use. ValetPRO is a company that now boasts an extensive product range of car cleaning and protection solutions and accessories, now exported to over thirty countries.

First class products are backed up by a strong support team, including in-house research and development, hands-on product development to help our customers tackle any vehicle cleaning problems by getting the best out of our products.

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