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Britemax Clean Max Shampoo 946ml

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Britemax Clean Max Shampoo 946ml

Britemax Clean Max (BX125-32) is a fortified blend of cleaners and mild surfactants that are formulated to be a powerful cleaner yet gentle on paint and the environment. Clean Max was developed to remove the toughest vehicle grime including bugs and tar while maximizing your surface protection.

Britemax Clean Max's special biodegradable formulation is non-toxic, non-alkaline, ph-balanced, phosphate free blend fortified with components that suspend dirt particles so they are easily washed away. It is formulated with rapid sheeting action, water will sheet safely off the vehicle leaving behind a smooth clean surface with less chance of water spots. Clean Max protects your paint while you wash and does not harm clear coats or remove any existing wax, sealant or paint protection.

Clean Max is super economical and a single bottle contains enough concentrate to wash your vehicle up to 30 times. It creates copious amounts of suds with a pleasant grape scent.

Britemax Clean Max protects your paint while you wash and does not harm clear coats or remove any existing wax, sealant or paint protection.Clean Max is super economical when compared to other wash products. Creates copious amounts of suds with a pleasant grape scent.

  • Ph balanced
  • Polymer & Wax fortified
  • Rapid sheeting action
  • High gloss finish
  • Removes tough grime
  • Non alkaline



Tip bottle to dispense desired amount (1-2oz) into the bucket. Use a stream of water to activate the suds. Thoroughly soak the entire vehicle to wash off loose dirt. Using a wash mitt or sponge wash the vehicle from top to bottom rinsing the wash mitt or sponge frequently. Rinse vehicle with water. For a show quality results follow with Britemax Spray & Shine Premium Detail spray.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Overall Britemax Clean Max Shampoo 946ml has an average  5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

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1st time I've used this car shampoo as i normally use AG or Meguiars but i have to say this is better. It removes dirt easily doesn't streak and smells nice! A little seems to go a long way too, so should last longer which means its great value. I wouldn't say the bottle's measurer is particularly useful as the shampoo is quite thick and doesn't drain into the top too easy, i prefer to just pour out what i need.

Britemax Clean Max Shampoo 946ml reviewed by  Richard on  - rated 5 stars