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Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash

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Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash

Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash is to deep clean your paint without harsh detergents, it rinses easily and restores gloss every time you use it. Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash is a concentrated blend of special cleaners, conditioners and our famous Show Car Polish ingredients that clean and enhance the gloss of painted surfaces. Z7 Show Car Wash gently cleans your car without using harsh detergents, alkali or acids. Plus, our special water-based lubricants buffer the paint to prevent scratching and reduce the risk of swirl marks, even on black and red cars.

The unique formula produces loads of suds, even in hard water conditions, these suds also last. To keep your car looking its best, Z7 Show Car Wash includes Ultra-Gard UV(40) and several polymer ingredients from our Show Car Polish systems. This renews protection against the sun's harmful rays.

  • produces loads of suds
  • includes Ultra-Gard UV(40)

The Z-7 bottle contains 16 fl. ozs. (473 ml)

  • produces loads of suds
  • includes Ultra-Gard UV(40)

The Z-7 bottle contains 16 fl. ozs. (473 ml)

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  • Wash the tires and wheels first. If you wash the car body first, the water will dry and spot your car before you can finish washing the tires and wheels. Do not use the same wash water on your car's paint as you do your tires and wheels. Throw it out and refill your bucket.
  • Mix one cap full of Z-7 Show Car Wash per gallon of water in a clean wash bucket.
  • Make sure your car is cool. If possible, work in the shade. A hot surface causes the wash and rinse water to evaporate too quickly, increasing the likelihood of water spotting.
  • Start by thoroughly wetting the car's finish with a medium spray of water to remove loose grit and surface dirt. One trick is to park on a slight incline. This allows rinse water to run off moldings, trim, and recessed areas better.
  • Use only 100% cotton, made in the USA towels. Synthetic (flat sided) sponges and wash cloths can trap dirt, grit, and grime on the surface, which can scratch your car's paint.
  • Start washing from the top down and rinse the car often. Frequent rinsing is important if you are washing on a warm day. Do not allow the soapy water to dry on your paint.
  • Use a final rinse of free-flowing water (nozzle off the hose) allowing the water to sheet off the car.
  • One 16 ounce bottle of Z-7™ Show Car Wash will wash approximately 12 mid-size cars.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash - Average Rating

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Overall Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash has an average  5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

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A great shampoo, I did go off and try something different but couldn't replicate Zaino's brilliance.

Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash reviewed by  Fergus on  - rated 4.5 stars

In my top 3,super slick,smells lush awesome shampoo

Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash reviewed by  Alex s on  - rated 5 stars

Really nice smell, like an apple chewy sweet from your childhood haha.

The recommended dilution rate surprised me a bit, I expected it to be a bit more concentrated tbh.
Regardless, it foams really well, long lasting suds too. Nice and slick - not the slickest I've used, but nice.
EXCELLENT cleaning, got rid of new tar spots nicely too.
Finally, it rinses very easily, leaving a spot free finish.

Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash reviewed by  Callum on  - rated 5 stars

Very soapy - requires even less capfulls than recommended. Not sure that it is as good as some other branded products which cost less but it is certainly up there with them.

Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash reviewed by  Philip on  - rated 5 stars

Very good product. Only a small amount is required in a bucket of water. It produces lots of soap suds, unlike some cheaper brands. Easy to rinse off with very little water staining left behind. Highly recommended.

Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash reviewed by  Zaino Z7 on  - rated 5 stars

A stunning great smelling shampoo which does provide a stunning result,although not reaching my top spot over chemical guys citrus wash and gloss but as far as price goes the zanio is well worth the buck.
A stunning berry scent as it's foaming away and a little does go a very long way with any zanio product.
For a quick show car result then z7 car wash followed by z6 and z8 will provide a neck snap result.

Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash reviewed by  kevjduncan on  - rated 5 stars

Amazing product, good on its own but really makes a difference when combined with Z2 or Z5. My father in law , who is 83 , tried it for first time last weekend and was blown away by result and as he says he has tried out lots of different car shampoos in his time. Needless to say he has ordered some for himself!

Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash reviewed by  David Glasgow on  - rated 5 stars