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Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax

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Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax is billed as the most durable wax in the world. And that’s probably true too. It produces great results, adding full depth to dark colour car paint while still enhancing metallic paints.

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat being a Carnauba based wax, in fact it was the first Carnauba wax ever made and contains no cleaners within it making it a genuine paste wax.

Very simply this wax offers a signature carnauba shine, heavy-duty protection and ultimate durability.

476s is hand-crafted and poured in the USA.

  • Collinite’s longest-lasting automotive formulation
  • Award-winner in independent tests for endurance
  • Produces lustrous finish while shielding against outdoor elements


Collinite 915 Marque D'Elegance is recommended to be only applied by hand. For optimum results, it should be applied to car paint that has just been properly cleaned and dried. As with all waxes a little goes along way, it is the same with Collinite 915 Marque D'Elegance as it should be applied a panel at a time, thinly and evenly using a Foam Applicator Pad or a or a Dodo Juice Finger Mitt.

The resulting film should be left to cure for between 5-10 minutes, as it begins to haze it can then buffed off carefully using a waffle microfibre cloth.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax - Average Rating

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax has an average 5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings ( 10 user reviews).

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Overall Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax has an average  5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

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this wax has a really good durability, even here in a tropical climate, i've tried both 845 and 476 at the same time.

476s last about 2-4 weeks longer and also have better water beading than 845.

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  alfie detailing on  - rated 5 stars

Love the Collinite products for their little goes long way policy. Wax dries off pretty quickly in Indian weather conditions, so it's like buff off quickly for me with out any wait time.

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  Karthik Reddy C on  - rated 5 stars

Despite having Williams Synthetic Coat applied to my car a few weeks ago I've been researching waxes to treat as an added layer of protection as well as giving a really great deep rich look to the paintwork.
This has delivered tremendous results only to enhance the overall protection to my paintwork as well as just tip it over the edge in terms of aesthetic appeal and even greater beading.

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  Phil on  - rated 5 stars

Brightness is impressive that the car gets wet .

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  Mirlene on  - rated 5 stars

The best wax ever. It´s not that hard to remove and works great in light colors

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  Paulo Moreira on  - rated 5 stars

I use this wax in my BMW 135i AlpineWeiss after my cquartz treatment and is PERFECT.
Cost/performance is a 10

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  Cintia on  - rated 5 stars

This product is easy on as another reviewer said but if used properly is NOT easy off. It needs to be applied to the whole car and left for a while (overnight if possible). It took me 2.5 hours to remove the wax from an e46 BMW but the results were well worth it. Brilliant shine and beading. Also great to use on polished/hi-gloss alloys. Massively recommended.

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  Ben on  - rated 5 stars

easy on , easy off and leaves great shine even with hand polish. Very economical to use and leaves a mirror like finish.
Would use again - the tin will last for ages...

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  martin on  - rated 5 stars

Great wax, easy to apply and very good shine on silver. Beading and sheating are great.

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  Lux on  - rated 5 stars

good stuff lasts a long time and not as hard as I thought to use. I would recommend.

Collinite 476s Super Double Coat Wax reviewed by  Jay on  - rated 5 stars


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