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R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look

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R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look

R222 'Concours Look' Carnauba Wax (12704W) is the rebranded P21s and is a blend of pure number 1 Brazilian yellow Carnauba and beeswax that creates one of the deepest gloss wet shines available from modern waxes that is safe for clearcoats.

What makes R222 'Concours Look' Carnauba Wax stand out is its speed of application which means you can simply apply it to a panel and then immediately buff of using a microfibre cloth. What this means is no wasted time waiting for the wax to haze.

  • No abrasives
  • No additives, dyes or perfumes
  • Extremely effective on modern clear-coats of cars
  • Is supplied with an R222 foam applicator pad that has a closed cell design
  • Does not chalk or leave white residue stains on rubber and plastics
  • Does not contain unnecessary dyes, perfumes or colours

175g pot of R222 'Concours-Look' Carnauba Paste Wax


Please refer to the manufacturers instructions before using the R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look.


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R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look - Average Rating

R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look has an average 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings ( 4 user reviews).

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Overall R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look has an average  5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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Couldn't recommend this product highly enough. So easy to apply and remove, leaves the car looking great and beads water like crazy, Also has really good longevity, I drive my lotus to work everyday and even through the winter months it was still beading water after 3 months. Love it.

R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look reviewed by  Tett on  - rated 5 stars

Excellent product! You need only apply a little and wipes of easily leaving a fantastic deep wet look finish!!! Excellent value for money as this product will last you for a good couple of years!!! Can't recommend highly enough.

R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look reviewed by  Tom H on  - rated 5 stars

R222 wax is my new favourite, having tried a number of different waxes R222 is much easier to apply and the results on my mini and astounding, the paint really shines brightly. Durability seems very good almost now a week or two later and I have high hopes on having proper winter car protection this year.

R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look reviewed by  Ross on  - rated 5 stars

Very nice wet finish wax on my blue car I really like it and would recommend.

R222 Carnauba Wax Concours Look reviewed by  Jamie on  - rated 5 stars