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26JPN Hydro Tyre

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26JPN Hydro Tyre

26JPN Hydro Tyre is a SiO2 enhanced tyre dressing that provides excellent durability and a satin finish to match. 26JPN Hydro Tyre is solvent based so it penetrates deep into the rubber pores to last longer than other tyre dressings that simply wash off. The active SiO2 sealant will bond onto the surface of the tyre to create a film layer to naturally repel water, keeping them cleaner for longer.

  • SiO2 solvent based tyre dressing
  • Tyres stay cleaner for longer by repelling water
  • Excellent durability with a satin finish
  • Gel-like for ease of use and minimal sling
  • Can be layered to last longer and for a darker finish

With 26JPN Hydro Tyre we have maxed out the use of dyes and solvents so that the resulting satin finish can last longer. It has a light citrus scent and slightly gel-like so that it is easier to work with and to minimise the risk of sling onto other body panels.

Applying multiple layers of 26JPN Hydro Tyre can make the final finish darker and the hydrophobic affect last longer, you will still see this longer after the dye has faded.

26JPN Hydro Tyre is non-toxic and phosphate free. Do not use on motorbike or bicycle tyres.


  • Use 26JPN Bug & Grime to deep clean the tyres. Use in combination with the 26JPN Detail Brushes to agitate the surface. Ensure the tyres are dry.
  • Use 4-5 pea sized drops of 26JPN Hydro Tyre on a foam applicator pad to evenly spread around the tyre wall, careful to avoid the tread.
  • Leave to dry for 15 minutes or 1 hour for a better result; careful not to get the tyres wet during this time. A heat gun can reduce this time.
  • Reapply another layer for a darker finish and an increased hydrophobic affect.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Overall 26JPN Hydro Tyre has an average  5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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Brought after seeing Detailing World review and am impressed also with the satin finish

26JPN Hydro Tyre reviewed by  Mikas on  - rated 5 stars

Easy to apply and gives a great looking satin finish. A far subtler look than gloss but still makes those tyres ping!

26JPN Hydro Tyre reviewed by  Mr H on  - rated 5 stars