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Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush

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Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush

This is a very soft long reach wheel brush to expertly clean wheels and wheel spokes. Produces excellent results without a substantial cost.

1 Wheel Brush


Please refer to the manufacturers instructions before using the Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush.


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Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush - Average Rating

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush has an average 4.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings ( 11 user reviews).

The reviews submitted below are genuine customer reviews and are their real opinions. For that reason we believe they are useful and trustworthy to you, a potential new purchaser of the Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush.

Overall Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush has an average  4.5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

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Best brush ever ! Great for my big BMW wheels and slightly bendy to get around this is a must have brush and a good price too. Get one.

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  Nigel Cooper on  - rated 5 stars

very happy with this one! at a less than a half price than the othar company, you get amazing product that does the job!

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  Alex b. on  - rated 5 stars

value for money, half the price of comparable named brush. soft bristles fit between wheel spokes.

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  Ray on  - rated 4 stars

With its soft bristles, this brush does a very good job on my alloy wheels. I own two cars with 14" and 19" wheels and this brush works well on both.

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  Marcos on  - rated 5 stars

Excellent brush, cant fault it, especially for the price it is

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  Daz1 on  - rated 5 stars

For me at least this product wasn't as good as i'd hoped - it may be better on bigger wheels but on my 17" 7-spokes i just couldn't get it deep enough into the V between the spokes to really shift the dirt. A smaller brush may be better for my needs.

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  SamB on  - rated 2.5 stars

Ideal for cleaning wheel arches, bristles a bit to hard for painted alloys

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  Kelv on  - rated 4 stars

We are prop' valeters and this brush does it all reaching all the way in to clean the alloy properly. Keep face away from brush though when pulling it out otherwise you will get a spotty dirty face. Just let the bristles do the work.

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  Mike on  - rated 5 stars

Good for drying lambswool washmitt on when the bristles lose their shape.

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  jester71 on  - rated 3 stars

really good for heavily soiled alloys
and at this price it is a bargain

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  b hill on  - rated 5 stars

Gets into all the tight areas with ease very good

Jumbo Wheel Cleaner Brush reviewed by  Jack on  - rated 5 stars