Scholl Concepts RIM 7 Wheel Cleaner Gel 500ml zoom

Scholl Concepts RIM 7 Wheel Cleaner Gel 500ml

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Scholl Concepts RIM 7 Wheel Cleaner Gel 500ml

Scholl Concepts RIM 7 Wheel Cleaner Gel (SC-11022) is a highly effective, pH neutral wheel gel that is designed to clean heavily contaminated car wheels.

The high viscosity (clingy) gel ensures that Scholl Concepts RIM 7 stays where you spray it; this helps to increase the active time of the cleaning agents of RIM 7. This means even tough dirt and grime can be removed without the need for wheel agitation.

  • pH neutral formula, wheel safe
  • Intelligent colour change – from red to black
  • Highly suitable for use on most surfaces
  • High viscosity of the cleaner prevents run-off
  • Pleasant fresh fragrance



The colour of RIM-7 will change from red to black, indicating when it can be rinsed off.

Just spray on, wait 3-5 minutes and rinse off.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Scholl Concepts RIM 7 Wheel Cleaner Gel 500ml

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